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Dino Racer:Traffic Hunter
Dino Racer:Traffic Hunter
Dino Racer:Traffic Hunter
Dino Racer:Traffic Hunter
Dino Racer:Traffic Hunter
Dino Racer:Traffic Hunter
Dino Racer:Traffic Hunter
Dino Racer:Traffic Hunter
Dino Racer:Traffic Hunter
Dino Racer:Traffic Hunter


Ever wanted to get into the shoes of a dinosaur and run like crazy in a rush hour? Well this is your chance to materialize your wildest dream. Dino Racer:Traffic Hunter puts you into the shoes of a dino (allosaurus) while you run and race the traffic around it.
Dino Racer:Traffic Hunter is based on a crazy racing/traffic dodging idea in which you are a dinosaur competing with speeding cars. You have a mad dino in your control and you are up against cars trying to dodge their way out of the rush hour. Play as a prehistoric dinosaur and run through the traffic, avoid collision with opposing vehicles and run faster than opponent cars. This is one of the best dinosaurs racing game which will take you on a ride to drive on the prehistoric creature.
Dino Racer:Traffic Hunter has a time killer addictive game play which will compel you to race often in your free time. This dinosaur game gives you a unique gaming experience of racing, stunts, and sprint which you will definitely love. The racer has to play as a dinosaur to compete with opponent cars in the highway traffic. This ride will be a memorable race of your life to play like a crazy dino which is a race between the modern age inventions and ancient age prehistoric creature.
Control your dinosaur through highway traffic and collect the coins and buy fast dinosaurs by collecting the coins boost meter also increases. Use boost to speed up your dinosaur. Travel more distance to set a record. Select your way by choosing from among 4 different dinosaurs and 2 different tracks

Game Features:
- Cutting edge 3D rendered graphics
- Touch and tilt controls to steer
- Realistic impact-crash sound effects
- Mesmerizing asphalt tracks to race on
- Rival Sports Cars and rushing cars with AI
- Multiple dinosaurs to race with
- 3 different dinosaurs to choose
- Stunning 3D graphics
- Take magnets to collects the coins automatically
- Smooth dinosaur handling
- 2 game levels : Highway and City

How to Play:
- Tilt to move left or right
- Touch boost button to move fast
- Touch brake button to slow down

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Dino Racer:Traffic Hunter

Dino Racer:Traffic Hunter

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