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Dracula Hunter Survival Games
Dracula Hunter Survival Games
Dracula Hunter Survival Games
Dracula Hunter Survival Games
Dracula Hunter Survival Games
Dracula Hunter Survival Games
Dracula Hunter Survival Games
Dracula Hunter Survival Games
Dracula Hunter Survival Games
Dracula Hunter Survival Games


Danger comes cloaked in many forms in the hit classic pixel FPS game, Dracula Hunter Survival Games. Become the hero as you complete impossible missions to eradicate the enemy in all its terrifying forms. Designed for an amazing mobile experience, the engaging survival game play features tight pixel graphics and intuitive touch controls all set in a unique block world.


In order to bring you complete ultimate adventure first person shooter experience, Dracula Hunter Survival Games boasts levels that are epically HUGE! Because of this, load time can take awhile. We ask that you don't penalize us with a one-star review. This is, after all, a FREE game and we just wanted you to enjoy a high-end, immersive game play with rich and varied levels, so... Please rate kindly!

A Landscape Infested with Enemies...

The war between the human and vampires has been an exhausting twelve year battle that has seen devastating consequences to each side and the economy as a whole. The war-ravaged cities house the poor and afflicted while raids still terrorize many of the villages. These attacks come from the demon spawn soldiers of the Royal Dracula clan. These villages have been left defenseless in the wake of the war, as they are sorely lacking armor and weapons in which to defend themselves. Many collapse under the weight of the attacks, their villagers captured by the Royal Dracula soldiers to be brought to their base and turned into brainwashed, mutated versions of themselves as the Royal Dracula's raise their new army.

Level #1
You, an elite vampire hunter, has been hired by the noble Lord Blockquist to search out the secret cave base of the Royal Dracula clan and attack their first line of defense. After several of your fellow hunters fell when a recent string of violent raids gone terribly wrong, you, the notorious and still standing vampire hunter is chosen to take on these fierce demons in their own base camp. Gathering what weapons you can for the fight ahead, you storm the cave base area. Advancing through the dank dark halls, your challenge is to survive and dominate amidst enemy attacks throughout the training area, great hall and bunks.

Level #2
After a successful attack on the base, your next step in eliminating the threat of these immortals is to conquer the demon camp nestled at the foothills of a remote mountain range that shields the soldiers from attack. But they don't expect you-- a single entity bound by oath to protect the human race from falling prey to these bloodsuckers. This mountain range base is a frightful challenge due to the craggy terrain that is nearly impossible to navigate. Amidst territory where enemies can creep in the shadows and pounce from the watch towers, your chances seem slim, but you are not about to give up and retreat.

Level #3
The leaders of these demon spawn soldiers are hidden deep within a gnarled and winding cave system that provides just the perfect protection for their deformed bodies-- a result of the extensive testing done on them as the war threatened to overpower their rule. You have been successful thus far in your battle, but these elite vampires provide challenges and numbers in which you've never experienced. Trek through a cave decorated with the morbid marks of the living dead as you progress through the crypt headquarters of the undead Royals. The raw elements all around you speak of both scarcity and ancient riches left abandoned by the times for these creatures don't seek riches... but power. A power which you'll have to rip from their cold dead hands. The end is at hand-- which way will the tides roll?

Enemies are everywhere...

-Mass weapon variety
-Collect health, ammo and speed
-Make use of your entity map which offers explosive aerial views
-Challenging landscapes
-Enemies increase as game progresses
-Pickups decrease as you advance through levels

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Dracula Hunter Survival Games

Dracula Hunter Survival Games

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