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Dress Up Princess Mermaid
Dress Up Princess Mermaid
Dress Up Princess Mermaid
Dress Up Princess Mermaid
Dress Up Princess Mermaid
Dress Up Princess Mermaid


Dress Up Princess Mermaid
Under the sea like aquarium castle and mystical land. Waiting for you to come to take on the role as Princess Mermaid. To dress up for the most beautiful mermaid help select series and tail, beautiful and show yourselves!! In the game, but you can assume the role of a mermaid. To marry the prince on the earth.

Before up to the mermaid, do not forget to do spa Cream Hair perm, hair care, shampoo help Mermaid with shampoo. Then use hair conditioner, hair with herbs.

1. Dress Ariel. This hairstyles to choose 50. There are both short hair long hair trends in adolescent.
2 dyeing hair, have both red, blonde, gold, green and other colors.
3 makeup, both color eyeliner, eye shadow lipstick, blush, remove acne and wrinkles.
4. Jewelry earrings 30 forms, both fashion earrings, gold, diamonds. Diamond necklace, a golden chandeliers. Diamond engagement ring gold ring. Watch Bracelet Anklet.
5. A beautiful tail and fin fish, fish scales, cream, red, green, gold, and silver, and a rainbow.
6. Jewelry 30. Both bow shell pin seashell.
7. Shirt is Seashell shells or various gems and diamonds and jewels and gold.
8. The friends of Princess and the clown fish, sharks, squid, mussels, hermit crabs, sea horses, whales and sea turtles. Other animals underwater.
9. Have 20 scenes, beach, deep sea Castle underwater, underwater world, nature.

In the games can make points. To a contest, or compete with your friends.

Photography and save picture to keep sharing to friends in Facebook Twitter intragram pinterest.

Play every machine. Every version of an android.

Supports both the telephone hand and tablet.

This dress is suitable for all ages since I was born, the child of primary school kids, teenagers, adults, elderly, or play with your friends and family.

Helps to strengthen the learning experiences, training to be a sharp-eyed, increase memory, to issue a clothing style. Maybe lead. Designer.

In the future the team will develop the game as 3 dimension animation or a name to animals turn and play online.

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Dress Up Princess Mermaid

Dress Up Princess Mermaid



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