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Droid Locator(Find my phone)
Droid Locator(Find my phone)
Droid Locator(Find my phone)
Droid Locator(Find my phone)


Lost your phone? Left it on silent and forgot where you kept it? Or your phone has fallen into unworthy hands?

No Problem… All new solution is, Droid Locator. It will find your lost, misplaced or stolen phone with the help of many amazing features. It will not only find your phone but will also secure your phone from any misuse or data theft. It is simple to use and has great visual tutorial that one can easily get the hang of within only few seconds.

•Get the location of your phone using any other phone by sending SMS
•Find phone by making it ring remotely even when it is on silent by sending the passcode and short code through SMS (as per mentioned in help)from any other phone. You don’t need to have an app on the other phone as Droid Locator will work remotely through SMS. All you need is the passcode which you have registered
•Remotely lock the device to protect personal content if it falls into unworthy hands, even if someone is using and phone screen is in active mode
•Wipe off data by sending SMS
•Block/unblock incoming and outgoing calls remotely if your phone ever falls into wrong hands. This is to make sure your number will not be used for any mischievous communication.
•Receive SIM change notification on the given number when someone tries to swap SIM cards
•You can also set the hint text along with your passcode. Hint text will allow you to change passcode in case you forgot it.
•Once you set up the passcode you can edit your passcode verifying with old passcode.
•If you forgot your passcode you can type hint text which you have entered at the time of setting up passcode
•You can also receive the short code list of features which you can enter remotely just by sending SMS from any phone (Pw#codelist , where Pw is your password)
•By passcode protection no one can change your application settings as you are the only one who knows the passcode.
•Different and easy short codes for each features so you can use any of the feature separately.

Droid Locator can help you find your lost phone by sending GPS coordinates to the phone which you use for texting passcode. If you know your phone is somewhere around but you are unable to find it because it was on silent, just activate the alarm by sending passcode. The alarm remains active unless you deactivate it by again sending the passcode or manually enter the passcode on your phone. This is due to security reasons so that if the phone is with someone else they cannot deactivate the alarm. Remote lock is another great feature that will make your phone unusable for anyone while you try to track its location.

SIM change notification helps you protect your personal information and you will be able to know the contact details of new SIM card. With the help of this feature you can still send a text message to lock or wipe off your phone even after the SIM has been changed.

For the GPS tracking, you need to activate the phone GPS and use other features by allowing permission of device admin to app, available in application setting or you can directly go to your phone setting.
Last but not least never share your passcode with any one.

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Droid Locator(Find my phone)

Droid Locator(Find my phone)



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