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Drunk Chicken
Drunk Chicken
Drunk Chicken
Drunk Chicken
Drunk Chicken
Drunk Chicken
Drunk Chicken
Drunk Chicken
Drunk Chicken
Drunk Chicken


Drunk Chicken

The Game is to rescue the plane from the Drunk Chicken
Leaderboard Enabled Challenge and break your friends score

-Drunk Chicken is a very fun and addictive mini arcade style game.
Objective: The objective is to avoid the obstacles that come at you and land the plane safely
-Controls: Tap and hold the screen to move the plane upward, release to drop the plan down.
-Tap on screen to fly up and avoid collision with balloons. Enjoy!
-Fly and avoid collision with balloons.
-The game is adapted for screen resolution of all devices.
-Really clear graphics.

.Once upon a time, in a village far, far away lived a chicken.
He was a shy, skinny chicken, with poor eyes and big glasses. The chicken was always back at farm on time and always listened to his momma! He only had one friend in the whole wide world: Jerkey Turkey, and no matter how many pranks Jerkey Turkey made on him, the chicken did not get upset, because he did not want to lose his only friend.

. All went well until one fateful day, when Jerky Turkey decided he had to eat Chicken's school lunch, leaving him to starve for the rest of the day! Since it was summer outside, the Chicken didn't worry, he knew he had plenty of fruit on the ground to eat. He soon found a whole pile of cherries under the cherry tree.

.What he did not know, was that the farmer had gathered the cherries and left them under the tree to ferment. The cherries were like nothing he ever tasted and a strange feeling came over him, as he gulped down the sweet fruits! At first, it was a like a warmth growing on him and a tingling sensation around his knees. Then he realized his thoughts were running faster and faster and he felt smarter and bolder! The neighbor's dog didn't seem so fierce all of a sudden and he felt a sudden urge to high-dive in the pond, although he had always been a bit afraid of heights...

.That day, our character became Drunken Chicken. What followed was a series of events that changed his life!
One very unhappy day, Drunken Chicken walked into a bar. Discover what happened there and help our character to find his way home!

.He lives far away and he really needs help to keep him from falling down and colliding with the obstacles in his ways. Drunken Chicken is a 2D fun filled endless game. The more obstacles you pass, more points and XPs you earn.

Now Download game Happy Drunk Chicken and Enjoy

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Drunk Chicken

Drunk Chicken

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