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ECG Race
ECG Race
ECG Race
ECG Race
ECG Race
ECG Race
ECG Race


ECG Race, our first edu-game and quiz!

Play the game and you will learn about
- the ecg recording
- how to read ECGs
- basics of ECG interpretation
- normal ECG elements and features
- basics of electrophysiology behind the ECG recording
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This is not an "ECG for dummies", you will see us adding more material in the future versions, from lead placement to rhythms simulation, so
Stay tuned!

Any features you like, anything you hate in the game? How can we improve it to make even more useful to you and your friends studiying medicine?
Do you have any thoughts how to make it more interesting, more challenging?
Any new questions or topics you want to be included in the future versions?
Please write to us at: heartevidence.com(at)gmail.com or leave your comments and suggestion for this game on our blog website:

ECG or EKG, Elektrokardiogramm or электрокардиограмма - No matter what you call it you need to know at least ECG basics. Medical and nursing students, doctors and ambulance workers, nurses, paramedics and therapists can benefit from taking a quick look at the patient’s ECG, telemetry or Holter heart monitor. Patients often want to know what ECG test is.

There are countless books, study guides and web pages to help developing the ECG interpretation skill. And yet we often find it challenging to recall the books ‘ pages and apply the rules from those books when holding an actual cardiogram in our hands. We marvel the skill of our senior colleagues who seem to be able to take just a quick look at the monitor to confirm a serious arrhythmia or signs of a heart attack. To achieve that level of ECG mastery we need hours and hours of time, dozens of ECG recordings and lots of experience. This seems like a daunting task that we are not looking forward too. Yet we enjoy playing games on our smartphones and tablets, easily remembering game rules and layouts.

So let’s put it together, game, fun and learning! Here it comes, ECG Race, our first edu-game!
We would like to offer our games for free, and to achieve that "free"dom they will be ad supported. You don't have to, but If you clicked on any of our sponsor ads - thank you!

ECG Race development team

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ECG Race

ECG Race



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