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Looking for fun roads to drive? It can be a pain. El Camino is an app by an enthusiast, for enthusiasts. It lets you tap the knowledge of locals and share your own favourite drives.

What exactly do you get by using El Camino?
- Find routes to explore by just looking around a map
- Share your favourite routes with other enthusiasts
- Detailed route information. While the routes are provided by users, effort is placed into polishing submissions into something useful for planning your drives
- See and share ratings by other users and read their experiences
- See and share photos of your drives with other users
- Navigate from wherever you are to the start of your favourite route

El Camino started off as a means to scratch an itch. When planning a roadtrip, I looked for resources that helped me find great driving roads. I assumed this was a solved problem, but for the most part websites didn't cover my area nor have the quality I was looking for. The apps that I'd tried suffered from these same problems and were heavily ad-supported, which got in the way of the information. I decided to do something that served my needs as an enthusiast. This is the result.

The only way I got any reliable information was to contact local enthusiasts. El Camino looks to tap that knowledge so where ever you are you can be assured of a fun drive. Road locations are one thing, but it's the details that matter. I aim to massage those descriptions into something useful so you know about that pothole, or that deceptively tight corner. I can share my own favourite drives, and others can do the same. Hopefully I've gone some way to making a tool for that to happen.

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El Camino

El Camino

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