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Elephant Simulator 3D Safari
Elephant Simulator 3D Safari
Elephant Simulator 3D Safari
Elephant Simulator 3D Safari
Elephant Simulator 3D Safari
Elephant Simulator 3D Safari
Elephant Simulator 3D Safari
Elephant Simulator 3D Safari
Elephant Simulator 3D Safari
Elephant Simulator 3D Safari


Do you like to play elefant simulations game in your phone and tablet? Then you will love this rampage Elephant Simulator 3D game for sure. Elephants are very old and the giant species that exist from ice age mammoth to nowadays elephant. Live life of giant size elefant and make this giant creature survive from wild animal.

Control the most gigantic simulated elefant mammoth animal alive on earth play as African Elephant in wild animals savanna land in this white elephant simulator game. This elephant lost the track of his family & herd in the woods. He is alone but not easy to take down, many ferocious animals attack this giant elephant to scavenge him in battle. Like lion, cheetah in cave, hyenas, crocodile and more. They underestimate the power of this huge animal now you control this gigantic African wild jungle elephant and smash all in rampage.

Today the predators of wilderness like lion, wolf, cheetah, hyenas will face the anger of this mammoth elephant rampage. No one can escape the razor sharp tusk and massive trunk of this super white elephant. Discover the map for various elefant wild animals desiring to hunt you down. Hit everyone like zebras, water buffalo squish the tiny critters in the grassland. You can go towards the city or countryside farm to create more chaos and damage. Now control mighty elephant destroy city and objects, hit people and run back in wilderness.

Hit people, cars, wreck everything comes in your way. A super fun game for teens and grownups with real life HD graphics and enjoy awesome game play. Now play and enjoy this rampage elephant simulator game.


• Free roam mode to create mega destruction and chaos
• 15 Challenging mission to play in career mode
• Fantastic animations and background sounds
• Amazing realistic animal physics and real life graphics
• Simple and smooth control to enjoy amazing game play

If you like snake, Dinosaur, crocodile simulator then you will love this elephant sim for sure

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Elephant Simulator 3D Safari

Elephant Simulator 3D Safari

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