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English Speaking Rules Demo
English Speaking Rules Demo
English Speaking Rules Demo
English Speaking Rules Demo
English Speaking Rules Demo
English Speaking Rules Demo


This Demo app contains 60 HD shareable Flashcards Wallpaper.

Learn how to Perfect your English Pronunciation & Conversation with 60 Flashcards, that resumes the English pronunciation and help you to have many alternatives to same the same idea in a conversation.
This app enables you to answer of job interview questions.

Remember that your investment in English learning is an investment that you will never regret.

You don't know when you will need an English extra word, in an exam, in a Job interview, in a conversation with your beloved friend or in a public speech. Get the Premium version Now and all the consideration for investing in your personal development.

If you are a student, a professional or a tourist and you are keen to perfect you English Vocabulary, this is the best start for achieving that.

This app is suitable for IELTS, Toefl, ELS, ESP or any other exam, this app is a good boost for that.
This app is better that 10 hours English course.

The premium application contains the following Flashcards:

1- 10 rules of great conversationalist

2- Formal & informal responses

3- It’s all good

4- Pronunciation of ED

5- 10 Hyphenation tips

6- Pronunciation of S

7- One Syllable Initial I Minimal pairs

8- Rules of correct pronunciation of S ending

9- Exceptions to rules

10- The 10 pronunciation of -ough

11- Pronunciation of some vowels

12- Can Vs. Could

13- Plural Rule 1 & 2

14- plural pronunciation

15- Third person -s

16- Apostrophe S

17- More practice with common words

18- Words instead of said

19- Dialogue in Restaurant
20- Asking Questions
21- Interview Questions

22- What are your biggest strengths?

23- why do you think you would do well at this job

24- What motivates you to do your best on the job

25- How would you know you were successful on this job

26- Compassion

27- Practical English dialogues

28- Expression opinion 1

29- Expression opinion 2
30- Sample conversation

31- Making contact

32- Giving negative information

33- Informal phone conversation

34- Formal phone conversation

35- Giving Directions

36- Mega theater

37- Let’s go camping

38- Casual vs. Formal
39- Day 1 introduction in a business setting
40- Question-based Goals
41- Kids conversation starters

42- Conversation starter

43- Use of Used to

44- I agree with Vs. I disagree with

45- Introduce your self

46- Asking for clarification

47- Expressing an opinion

48- What’s the British Say, what others understand 1

49- Plain & Clear language

50- Uses od Shall

51- At the doctor, what to say?

52- Common English transition words & phrases

53- 25 common phrases that you’re saying wrong

54- Flights inquiries

55- Email writing

56- Useful phrases for asking for something

57- 10 phrases for asking for information

58- Famous English idioms

59- Bad language Vs. good language
60- Said is Dead!!!

All the respect for investing in your knowledge expansion.

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English Speaking Rules Demo

English Speaking Rules Demo

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