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ExSmoker - Stop Smoking Now
ExSmoker - Stop Smoking Now
ExSmoker - Stop Smoking Now
ExSmoker - Stop Smoking Now
ExSmoker - Stop Smoking Now
ExSmoker - Stop Smoking Now
ExSmoker - Stop Smoking Now
ExSmoker - Stop Smoking Now


ExSmoker is an application that helps you to quit smoking.

Once you have set the date and time that you quit smoking, ExSmoker tells you how long you been without smoking, the money you've saved, etc ...

You can also view the progress you're getting and the time it takes to get them. Learn about the benefits of quitting.

Its achievement system helps you stay steady.

With the assistance of the Motivator (PRO version) utility, you will receive motivational phrases sent by other users quitter (requires internet connection) and you can send your own phrases of support.

Share messages and experiences with other members of the community.


- Home: shows how long you've been without smoking, the money you have saved and how many cigarettes you have not smoked in this time

- Health: indicates the progress of the benefits of quitting, with progress bars.

- Settings: allows you to set options such as the date and time when you stop smoking, cigarettes you smoked per day and the price of a pack.

- Achievements: try to reach all the achievements.

- Login / Profile: Register in the community and to login / logout.

- Community: get involved in the ExSmoker users community.

- Tools: new section in which we will incorporate tools that complement the application.

- Consumption Measurement: tool to register the consumption of cigarettes. It helps you to have a clear idea of ​​how much you smoke, when you smoke and the need you had to smoke each cigarette. The free version has a limit of 5 cigarettes per day.

- Motivator: The purpose of this section is to help you in moments of weakness, showing motivational phrases that others have posted.

Remember, to stop smoking, you are the most important factor.

If you have installed the application, you may have noticed it does not contain any advertising, our only source of revenue is the sale of the PRO version.

Please, if you have suggestions for improvements or new features, feel free to write us. Thanks!

Do you want to help us with the english translate? Please email us. Thanks!

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ExSmoker - Stop Smoking Now

ExSmoker - Stop Smoking Now

Antonio Sánchez Díaz


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