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Extreme Mutant Ninja Games
Extreme Mutant Ninja Games
Extreme Mutant Ninja Games
Extreme Mutant Ninja Games
Extreme Mutant Ninja Games
Extreme Mutant Ninja Games
Extreme Mutant Ninja Games
Extreme Mutant Ninja Games
Extreme Mutant Ninja Games
Extreme Mutant Ninja Games


In Extreme Mutant Ninja Games, players will revisit an intense FPS world to battle it out against the cunning warlord and his blocky foot clans. Take it to the extreme and survive to win in this dynamic and legendary ultimate survival shooter showdown. Pound enemies into the dirt and end the reign of terror these villains are wreaking on the realm. Bring your A-game or die trying, this brutal version of the blockbuster hit will not be easy. Plan your attacks, reserve your shots, and utilize your quick reflexes. The time to act is now.

When the highly classified school of the gifted is ambushed by dark enemy forces, crippling the school's defenses and leaving you the sole survivor, it is up to you to stand against these grasping mercenaries and their underlings and seek retribution for the loss of your brethren and Sensei.
The fate of the universe looks grim unless you can unleash the fury that you've worked tirelessly to conceal in your training and teach those barbarians what a real fight looks like. It will take intense focus and dedication as your methodical journey takes you from the dredges of the earth to the dark alleys of a war torn city. Death looms large as mobs of enemy clans descend in droves to take on the fabled star pupil of the indestructible Sensei. It's time to show these enemy clans just what you are made of and make your Sensei proud.

Foes lurk in every shadow, from single villains, to deadly snipers, and even great mobs of barbarians who attack without warning. Seek out hidden weapons and wield these epic melee and firearm weapons like a pro. Keep an eye out for a selection of pickups to aid in your quest, but be warned-- these perks are scarce and will decrease rapidly as the game progresses. Use your ammo wisely and prepare for an onslaught of enemies. These monster warriors and trained ninjas are packing bigger punches. Double the action, with harder hitting battles and staring the most intense enemies, this game creates a epic backdrop to the most dynamically deadly war in ages.

In order to bring you the best experience possible, Extreme Mutant Ninja Games has levels that are COLOSSAL. We made sure to packed every level with mobs of enemy fighters, ultimate obstacles, as well as provided varied weaponry to locate and utilize. Because of this, load time can often take awhile…
Rate kindly! Please don't penalize us with a one-star review. Remember, this is a FREE game, and we just wanted to ensure you enjoyed a truly action-packed thrill ride when you download this extreme survival FPS game.

Features for Extreme Mutant Ninja Games -
*Permadeath- once you are dead, there's no returning
*Amazing 3D pixel graphics
*Melee and firearms
*Brutal hand-to-hand combat
*Speed, health, and ammo perks
*Precision shooting
*Refreshing, user-friendly interface play
*Entity map offers aerial views of oncoming enemies
*Stealth strategy
*Kill enemies

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Extreme Mutant Ninja Games

Extreme Mutant Ninja Games

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