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F16 Flight Simulator Aircraft
F16 Flight Simulator Aircraft
F16 Flight Simulator Aircraft
F16 Flight Simulator Aircraft
F16 Flight Simulator Aircraft
F16 Flight Simulator Aircraft
F16 Flight Simulator Aircraft
F16 Flight Simulator Aircraft
F16 Flight Simulator Aircraft
F16 Flight Simulator Aircraft


Hours and hours of entertainment guaranteed with this amazing flight simulator aircraft combat for free warplane, the best game for 2015. Dominate airspace close the landing gear, do not land, and jet pilots to shoot down your targets in each mission.

Conquer the skies frontline commander, your carrier is ready. Artillery of your army is waiting for you. Grab the controls of your flight simulator plane combat and throw modern tomahawk cruise missiles or change the basic machinegun mode if you prefer.

The goal of war is to shoot down all navy enemy armed forces on the battlefield before they kill you first.

■■ Features: ■■

★ ★ ★ Touch Control easy: drag your finger on the screen to fly the airplane 3d and press the red button guided missile firing and waste ammunition.
★ ★ ★ Multiple powerful weapons to choose and to destroy enemies.
★ ★ ★ Look to target enemy navy with Cockpit view
★ ★ ★ Several scenarios available
★ ★ ★ Several different types of weapons and ammunition
★ ★ ★ Leaderboards and achievements
★ ★ ★ Stunning and realistic graphics.
★ ★ ★ Feeling of immersion thanks to the vision from the cockpit with the controls of the planes.
★ ★ ★ Radar system for switching operations.
★ ★ ★ Real flight simulator 3d with real physics.
★ ★ ★ Warplanes wings the naval army of USA, Russia and China.
*** Easy to learn hard to master!

While all weapons have infinite ammo, all have a recharge time. The gun is automatically recharged so do not worry you will not run out of bullets and your survivor troops are at frontline commando.

Take all the time you need until you master your gunner modern f16 carrier fighter wing. Be prepared for a third world war. Your base without missile defense and control center is receiving special operations continuously attacks. You are the commander of the jet fleet and are in the frontline commando alone with your flight simulator for combat. Shoot discretion as take notice goal or topple your f16 carrier at the frontline commando.

Your fighter wing squadron, harrier, f16 carrier, f18, dogfight, bomber, helicopter awaits. Your troops are ready and waiting orders. Bomb enemy bases and warplanes.

An amazing flight simulator 3d aircraft combat and airfighters that will make you spend hours and hours of endless fun. This classic game battle army millitary fighter wing more realistic for Android.

-------------------------------------------------- --------------
*** For lovers of artillery used and know more about the rockets missiles:
Hellfire, Sidearm, Have Nap, JSOW, JASSM, Shrike, Maverick, HARM, Sparrow, Sidewinder, Stinger, Agile, Anti-satellite weapon, Tomahawk, TOW, BOMARC, Harpoon, Kettering Bug, Peacekeeper, Minuteman, M1097 Avenger, Pershing, Chaparral, ESSM, Terrier, Tartar, Sea Sparrow, Talos, Navaho, Titan, Poseidon.

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F16 Flight Simulator Aircraft

F16 Flight Simulator Aircraft

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