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False Fiance : Free Otome Games
False Fiance : Free Otome Games
False Fiance : Free Otome Games
False Fiance : Free Otome Games
False Fiance : Free Otome Games
False Fiance : Free Otome Games
False Fiance : Free Otome Games
False Fiance : Free Otome Games
False Fiance : Free Otome Games
False Fiance : Free Otome Games


"Marry me...!"
Handsome manager proposed to me!
He was actually a prince!?

Secrets and lies beginning from a sham wedding...
Can I really find love, in a fully unforeseen development?

◆A fiance's fraud story
You're working as a secretary.
Hiromitsu Kamiji, the handsome superior manager, is longing for many women.
My sister's desire to have a sham wedding with the manager one day!
Both you and him are caught in a marriage with anticipation and secrets...

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◆Introduction to a fraud fiance character
-Hiromitsu Kamiji
The manager of "Cherie", a global company.
I'm the prince of the Velitenia garden.

-Jules III
King of the Velitenia garden.
Hiromitsu's older brother.
I will give my thoughts to you.

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●Basic Information
-Free installation
-Free basic play

-Uninstalling the app or clearing the cache will reset player data.
-Please update the OS 4.0 of your device.

●Terms of service

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False Fiance : Free Otome Games

False Fiance : Free Otome Games

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