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FAT - SFV & USF4 Frame Data
FAT - SFV & USF4 Frame Data
FAT - SFV & USF4 Frame Data
FAT - SFV & USF4 Frame Data
FAT - SFV & USF4 Frame Data
FAT - SFV & USF4 Frame Data
FAT - SFV & USF4 Frame Data
FAT - SFV & USF4 Frame Data


STREET FIGHTER V (& USF4) Frame Assistant Tool (FAT) and Notes Taking

Note: SFV is a very new game. Some of the frame data may be missing or incorrect. Please let me know (fullmeterapps@gmail.com) if you know the answer to any of the gaps!

The most popular and fully featured fighting game app in the world just got a whole lot better! FAT is your one stop shop for both USF4 and SFV! With a complete visual overhaul and a hugely improved notes taking section.

How unsafe is Ryu's sweep on block? What moves can you link after Laura's standing medium punch on counterhit? What moves can you use to make a 3 frame gap on block with Nash?!

If you've ever needed to know frame-data fast, then the "Frame Assistant Tool" or "FAT" is the tool for you!

Choose from one of 7 modes:
* Frame Trapper
* Frame Trap Lister
* Move Linking
* Move Punisher
* Punish The Cast
* Frame-Data Viewer
* Move List Viewer

Then, choose a character and input what you need to know. It's as simple as that. FAT will give you back an answer instantaneously. No PDFs; no fancy images. Just information at your fingertips.


ALSO INCLUDED, is the powerful Character Notes Mode, which allows you to keep notes on every single character in every single match-up. In BOTH games! That's 2,074 match-ups! This isn't a plain text editor. Every character's matchups are kept entirely separate, the only app on the market that keeps your notes organised. We also support full markdown!

If you notice any bugs or incorrect data, please leave a comment below or email me at fullmeterapps@gmail.com and I'll get back to you ASAP

* FullMeter Apps is not responsible for any salt which arises from the contents or implementation of the contents of this app.
* Given that I'm working with frame-data, some things like punishes etc. may not work if you're not in range to use them. This is a limitation of working with frame-data rather than emulation so you'll have to test the results out yourself!
* I am in no way affiliated with Capcom and they still own all the rights to USF4 and SFV.

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FAT - SFV & USF4 Frame Data

FAT - SFV & USF4 Frame Data

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