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Feng Shui is the Chinese system of Geomancy, in which they believe that a person can improve and enhance his life condition by using the laws of Feng Shui. It takes into account the laws of Earth and Heaven according to the Chinese Astronomy. Feng Shui was being used to adjust the various types of buildings like tombs, or spiritual structures and it originated from the Chinese culture. Since those times, the popularity of Feng Shui has grown with each passing day. Feng Shui is a blend of water and wind. It is basically used to find one of the most appropriate localities for a consecrated life. A good place to live, will always give you positive energy and vibes to stay happy and feel godly. This positive energy is really essential for your atmosphere, so that you get victory in your existence. This guide will provide you all the necessary information about Feng Shui. Feng Shui is a blend of fallacies, balanced remedies, and folk remedies. Feng Shui arose during the period of Hongshan and Yangshao. Many people in the past, believed, that magnetic compass also came after Feng Shui, and is about 3500 years older. Feng Shui determines the positive forces in your environment.

There could be 3 major things that dominate the Feng Shui.
1. Qi (ch’i): The pronunciation of this word in English is Chee. It means an impermanent optimistic or depressing life force.
2. Polarity: This term relies on the Yin and Yang theory. It is somewhat identical to the magnetic dipole. There are specific works of Yang and Yin, i.e. yang means performing and Yin means receiving. In this, there are five elements that are considered as important. These are, wood, fire, water, earth and metal.
3. Bagua (eight trigrams): Two diagrams in Feng Shui, come into view as large in size. Mega-constellation marker stars determine the fundamental tracks. These have been known as the four Celestial Animals, which are: East- The Blue Dragon, West- The White tiger, North- The Dark Turtule, South- The Red Phoenix.
These are termed as the spring equinox, autumn equinox, winter solstice and summer solstice respectively.

There could be three major schools of Feng Shui. These are:
1. Hat Sect School: You could call it a contemporary edition of Feng Shui. Its development Black took place in the USA, and it was found to be a mixture of Tibetan Buddhism. This is found to be a blend of conventional Feng Shui and Taoism. Such a Feng Shui exerts better upon the path of the Front Door.
2. Form School: This gives emphasis to the neighboring scenes like water, body and hill.
3. Compass School: In this school, there are styles, leaning on eight spots of the compass.
Conventional Feng Shui is dependent upon the precise evaluations of the compass. But now a days, the modern Feng Shui has turned out to be more up-to-the-minute. You can probably find out the low-priced and easily accessible versions in the market everywhere.

In the modern era, Feng Shui has become so popular and is being immensely used globally, especially in china. Feng Shui, in actuality, started at some stage in the Tang dynasty. In the history of Feng Shui, Master Yang Sung Sang is remembered as the most respect-worthy man. Feng Shui was invented by Master Yang Sung Sang.
The symbols: There are symbols that are thought of to be very important, like the Dragon is of most important significance, and there are other symbols as well, like, the water bodies, hills, valleys etc.
Areas of energy: there are particular areas of energy on the Earth. It is said that the different things that were created in nature, on the Earth, were denoted with the diverse figures of animals like the white tiger or the green dragon.
Affects of Feng Shui: Feng Shui produces great positive effects in our lives and it is in reality, very interesting to know as well. But there is a condition, if it is used in a proper way, then only, it gives positive results.

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