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Firetruck Games for Kids
Firetruck Games for Kids
Firetruck Games for Kids
Firetruck Games for Kids
Firetruck Games for Kids
Firetruck Games for Kids
Firetruck Games for Kids
Firetruck Games for Kids
Firetruck Games for Kids
Firetruck Games for Kids


Have fun and learn with the cute animals !! ¡ It's time to have fun with Firetruck Games for Kids free app ! Enjoy the puzzles, the funny sounds, card games to stimulate memory and a fun screen to place blocks in this ideal for children from 2 years interactive and educational application.

When you download the Firetruck Games for Kids Free Activity App you’ll get fun activities including:
- Funny Sound Flashcards
- Incredible Puzzle Games
- Funny Matching Games for Kids
- Firetruck Block Game

- Firetruck for Kids Flash Cards
The first stop for fun in the firetruck for kids games for toddlers is the interactive amazingly fun flashcards. Just a tap will take them to a cool interactive moving picture that is sure to delight. And when they tap the moving icon in the animals it will make the sound! They will hear a siren, a firetruck, a dalmatian and so many more; it's interactive fun for all ages.

- Funny Fireman Puzzles
The next spray of fun in the Firetruck Games for children is the cool Puzzles Games. These awesome puzzle games are designed for ages 2 & up and have no time limit or sound element, so your little ones can concentrate while they play, just like when they are building a real puzzle. They are engaging fun and playing the funny animals kids puzzles also encourages:
-Fine motor skills
-Reasoning and concept development
-Early math skills

- How To Play
Tap “Randomize” on any puzzle and it will magically shuffle. And if your little hero doesn’t like the look of that one, just press Randomize again to reshuffle. Another child friendly feature is an option to view the picture of the puzzle at any time, so if they need help it’s there!
*Some other fun ways to let your little hero’s under the age of 2 play is:
1. Count the other cute things in the pictures. Ask what color they are, what’s bigger or smaller, and what’s on the top and bottom of each picture.
2. Let them tap randomize, slide a few pieces and then tap the back button. This is a simple way to introduce them to using an app, develop fine motor skills, and it’s very entertaining for them to see the train puzzle scramble.

Memory Games
The fun never stops in the firetruck game for kids free, and the memory games are sure to delight. The nice memory match games included in the app will keep toddlers (if you help them) and preschoolers happy dappy!

The next funny firetruck game that will keep the adrenaline pumping is the Funny Block Game. This tetras style game has a nice background and playing it will also teach fine motor and reasoning skills to kids.
Research has also shown this is a very good game for promoting concentration, and playing is even shown to improve some eye disorders.

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Firetruck Games for Kids

Firetruck Games for Kids

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