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Flappy Economics
Flappy Economics
Flappy Economics
Flappy Economics
Flappy Economics
Flappy Economics
Flappy Economics


In this game you will learn about supply and demand (along with their determinants) while navigating pipes. As you progress, you will be exposed to externalities and taxes and learn how they affect the market. Finally, towards the end of the gave you will be given the chance to review producer and consumer surplus as well as deadweight loss.

This app will help you learn about economics (typically chapters 4 through 5 in traditional microeconomics textbooks). As you flap your way through the supply and demand curves, you will earn money that you can spend altering the physics of the game (by changing your flight strength or the strength of gravity in the game).

After each game, the supply or demand curve will shift, which can make the game more or less difficult depending on what happens to the equilibrium quantity. You also have the option of using the upgrade menu which can change the dynamics of the game. In the upgrade menu, you can choose to upgrade the probability of getting beneficial supply or demand shifts. After every ten upgrades, you will unlock a new part of the game which will change the difficulty of navigating through the curves. Additionally, each ten upgrades will increase the money multiplier allowing you to have more control over the game.

After the first ten upgrades, you will unlock demand externalities. These can be positive or negative, and will make it more or less difficult to navigate the pipes. Positive externalities will increase the distance between the pipes, while negative externalities will decrease the distance, making it more difficult.

After the next ten upgrades, you will unlock supply externalities. These will have the same effect on the pipes as demand externalities.

After thirty upgrades, you will unlock taxes, which extend the pipes making it more difficult to navigate through the pipes.

After forty and fifty upgrades, you will unlock brief information screens on consumer and producer surplus, and deadweight loss respectively.

Each ten upgrades will also provide you with a brief introduction to the microeconomics concept that is being introduced with a link that can provide more information. By the end of the game, you will have been exposed to most of the economics concepts you should learn for the introduction to markets in most microeconomics textbooks.

Please feel free to comment on this free app, I hope to make it better.

Thanks for trying, I hope you enjoy it!

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Flappy Economics

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