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Although the phone’s ringtones are enough to remind you of your incoming call or sms but in some situations the phone’s bell create disturbance for example, you are in the class room, attending the meetings or want to concentrate on your study but the constant ringing irritates you so in all these cases this flash alert app become handy. A flash alert will start to blink on the arrival of calls, SMS and notifications. This flash alert app also let you to set the flash ringtone and time for the flash alert even if your mobile is on silent and vibration.
This flash alert app is really useful when you are in dark, and noisy places that you can’t hear your phone’s bell or notice your phone vibration. Just imagine you are in a big party and the music is so loud and you are waiting for an important call, sms or notification, at that time this flash call alert app will be your best assistant. The flash alert app will notify you via the flash ringtone using your camera, so you will immediately notice your incoming calls, sms or notifications. You even can see the flash blinking on call from a far distance so you won’t have to worry about missing any incoming calls, sms or notifications.
This flash alert app’s flash ringtone won’t flash with full intensity, so it’s not too annoying, just enough to turn your attention to your mobile phone. You can adjust the light intensity of flash ringtone depend on your need. Besides, you can also set the interval of flash ringtone to match your requires.
This flash ringtone app can automatically set the flash ringtone off when the phone is low bettery.
The flash call alert app is a best choice when you are in dark places. The flash call alert will help you immedietly notice about your phone calls, sms or notification in the dark. The flash call alert is also useful when you want to find your phone in the dark. Just imagine, you are in a dark place or in a noisy place and your phone is in silent mode. How can you find your phone? With this flash call alert app it becomes so fast and easy. You just need to send a sms of make a call to your phone, the flash ringtone will immedietly blink and you can easily find your phone.
Special features of flash call alert app:
✔ Flash blinking on call, sms and totifications work effectively in different modes of your( Ring, Vibrate, Silent )
✔ Turn the flash ringtone mode ON or OFF with a single tap
✔ Flash blinking on call , SMS and notifications
✔ Flash blinking on call can automatically be disabled when low battery
✔ Set flash ringtone off time for flash call alert, sms or notifications flash alert
✔ You can regulate blinking frequency of your flash blinking on call app
✔ Flash blinking on call , sms and notifications help you do not miss any important calls and SMS
You use this flash alert app to:
- Flash blinking on call, sms or notifications : You have to keep your phone on silent but you still need to know who's calling or texting (movie theatres, plays, baby sleeping, etc.).
- Flash call alert help you find your phone in the dark: You're in a dark place and you can’t find your phone. Just make a call or send a Flash blinking on call will help you find your phone immediately
- You're in a noisy location and can't hear your ringtone (coffee shops, parties). In that case flash ringtone is really useful.
What an amazing flash alert app! How can you have one in your phone?
Just simply download this flash alert app from the google store and you are ready to experience this wonderful app. And please note that, this flash call alert app is totally free for you, that’s so great!!!
If you like this flash ringtone app, please vote us ★★★★★ and share your love in your reviews as well as to your friend to experience this flash alert app together.
If you find any issue with our flash alert app, please don't hesitate to report to us via our email address.
Thank you for your support !

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