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Flash Reboot (No Ads)
Flash Reboot (No Ads)
Flash Reboot (No Ads)
Flash Reboot (No Ads)
Flash Reboot (No Ads)
Flash Reboot (No Ads)
Flash Reboot (No Ads)
Flash Reboot (No Ads)
Flash Reboot (No Ads)
Flash Reboot (No Ads)


Free, no Ads, no Virus, no Root permission required !

Quick soft boot mode, do not have to wait for the hardware to boot waiting time anymore ^__^ !

Simple, Fast, Just one click to clear the phone's memory and background running processes. It definitely resolve most people always forget to turn off the WiFi network and Bluetooth problems !!

From now on, you do not have to bother, there is not a cell phone in the background secretly run programs, eat its memory, occupy its internal space, and no more to worry about the phone slow consumption and money waste !!

As long as you installed the Flash Reboot (Very! Clean) widget, just one touch, your phone at any time, you can immediately respond quickly to new start running it as fresh beginning !!

No requires rooted phone, so no worries the permission limitation, because everyone can use it, I guarantee you will like it as your closely phone-mate!!

Notes on permissions required: WiFi and Bluetooth, these permissions are allowed to turn them off, as fresh and softly re-initialize your phone completely!

***** Simple test methods: You can also open Wifi, Bluetooth, and any number of Apps, then press the Flash Reboot, and you will find that it will help you clear out a lot of non-system pre-installed the Apps. (each additional press, the phone will be running cleaner !!)

***** Android system characteristics, to ensure that mobile phone users can receive the latest information at any time, even if the system removal tool does not consume resources such message notification class service still may restart, but please feel at ease, because when you Flash Reboot after using a key to clear, the main program or the consumption of system resources will be removed, and you see only a notification service (for example, newsletters, LINE notification, ...), rather than the huge master program.

***** You can try, as much as your touch on Flash Reboot, it clean up most of the residence program running in background which will be less, and the phone will also clean and run as just new POWER ON !!

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Android 2.3+


iLaLay Inc.





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Flash Reboot (No Ads)

Flash Reboot (No Ads)

iLaLay Inc.


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