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Flight Sim Planner
Flight Sim Planner
Flight Sim Planner
Flight Sim Planner
Flight Sim Planner
Flight Sim Planner
Flight Sim Planner
Flight Sim Planner
Flight Sim Planner
Flight Sim Planner


Free to use flight planning and live tracking tool based on Google maps for FSX, Prepar3D or XPlane but it can also use the build-in gps. The app has a large database of airports worldwide with additional information on runways and frequencies, navaids and fixes. For every large airport the METARs and TAFs are available when online.
You can create your own flightplan from airport to airport. Add custom waypoints or search for any fix, navaid or airport to add to your plan. Supply the current winds, indicated airspeed and cruise height and the planner will automaticly calculate the distances, wind correction angles leg-times and total travel times.
When you start your flight, in the simulator or in a real plane with the build-in gps, your track is recorded and stored in the database for later viewing.
When your online and planning your flight all the maps you view are cached and loaded when your doing your real flight offline..
In addition to the use the flightplanning tool there is also a "Direct to" option. If a flightplan is activated, with this function you can directly select your alternate airport, or you can search for any airport, navaid or fix to go to. The direct-to line is drawn on the map and will track the position of your plane.
There is a wide choice of map overlays available, You can use just the standard google map types or for the US the complete bundle of all the available AAF aviation map types is available. Furthermore we have around the world basic coverrage of airspaces overlays available. Also some weather overlay options are available, like wind arrows, pressurelines, clouds and North-American weather radar. For airspaces and AAF map overlays there is a cache mechanism which stores the images on your device for max 14 days for offline viewing.
For connection to your sim you need to install a small piece of serversoftware which can be found at:

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Flight Sim Planner

Flight Sim Planner

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