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Food Diary by Activ8rlives
Food Diary by Activ8rlives
Food Diary by Activ8rlives
Food Diary by Activ8rlives
Food Diary by Activ8rlives
Food Diary by Activ8rlives


Activ8rlives version 2.0 Food Diary and Health Parameter Tracker.

Improving our health can be achieved with often small changes. These add-up to make a big difference.

Self-monitoring ourselves using simple tools is a successful way of making these small changes. We learn about our patterns and can make changes to our lifestyle. Small and simple steps, one day at a time.

With the Activ8rlives Food Diary App, you can Track your food and liquid intake using our image-capture food diary and track your weight, activity, blood pressure, lung and cardiovascular function.

Version 2.0 is a completely new version based on our successful image-capture Food Diary. It allows you to see how your food choices and your activity levels affect your weight and body composition, as well as other parameters of health.

• Take pictures of what you eat and drink with your iPhone.
• Records pictures in your Activ8rlives iPhone food diary.
• SEE what you eat and drink every week.
• Syncs with your Activ8rlives on-line account.
• Score everything you consume as a “Good Choice” or a “Bad choice” for YOU!
• No calorie counting. No points.
• Record and track your daily activity levels and weight.
• LEARN how your weight changes when small changes are made to your diet and levels of exercise.

Discover how changing your eating, drinking and activity habits impacts on other health parameters which can also be tracked in the Activ8rlives Food Diary App to improve your health. Parameters (trackers) you can record include:

• Blood Glucose
• HbA1c
• Cholesterol
• Blood Pressure
• Peak Flow
• FEV1
• C-Reactive Protein
• Body Fat and Muscle %,
• Visceral Fat
• Neck Size
• Waist-to-Hip ratio
• Respiratory and urinary bacterial biomarkers.
• Custom biomarkers or parameters you want to track – anything which is important to your health.

To help you in bringing about changes to your life, you can also:
• Join on-line groups and form communities with friends and family.
• Free membership of the Activ8rlives A8 group for peer support, motivation and connection with other like-minded people.
• Post messages and share pictures about where you have been and places you have visited to connect with and motivate others in your groups.
• Chat with your groups, provide support and receive encouragement.
• Earn medals for being active.

Activ8rlives provides tools to empower changes in behaviour leading to a healthier lifestyle.
Be active, keep healthy and stay well – Together, we can do it!

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Food Diary by Activ8rlives

Food Diary by Activ8rlives

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