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Free Call App
Free Call App
Free Call App
Free Call App
Free Call App
Free Call App
Free Call App
Free Call App
Free Call App
Free Call App


The Free Call App enables your mobile Free calling through the VoIP Global Communication Network using either a WiFi or 3G / 4G internet connection and reach to any traditional cellphone or landline which a recipient is without internet accessing. Freecall softphone offers a simple user interface and crystal sound quality for smooth Voice over IP experience under SIP system, It is a phone solution perfectly fit for all end users, IDD call service re-sellers or any business who willing to benefit from Freecall communications. Once setup an account, user will be no longer to pay for an expensive phone bill of domestic and international calls to reach either up to 45 countries. User has unlimited times and unlimited minutes to make calls in anywhere even while traveling abroad by using Wi-Fi or 3G/4G data plan on any smartphone or tablet. Freecall will not drain any carrier air-times and be sure to avoid a high roaming charges on phone bill.
Before trying to install this App, we strongly recommend you to verify your real time internet quality under 3G / WiFi by a free App “Speedtest.net” which you also can find in the Google store. A minimal requirement of both Upload / Download speed must be required not less than 0.3Mbps (300Kbps) for a smooth talk and highly recommend to reach a higher than 1Mbps (1,000Kbps) speed in order to get a crystal quality conversation. In case your speed either on Upload or Download might be not fulfill a limit, don’t try to download and send an e-mail to us for an advance solution. We will offer 2G plan or hardware devices like IPcall-200 or IPbox-300 (ATA) to you.

To see where you will able to call, refer the link http://www.voip-guide.info

There is a trial account available for testing with 20 minutes. After trial testing, user will be required to subscribe with a year plan. One cost is offered with unlimited minutes without any hidden cost and monthly bill in a full year. Please feel free to contact us with the following information required for a trial account before downloading.
1. What is Brand and model of your mobile phone?
2. Where are you located?
3. Which country do you want to call?

Your request for a trial account is sent to info@mobile.freenet2call.com with a subject: "Freecall Trial Acc. Request"

For any Unlimited Freecall Service business opportunity; expect to open Freecall service in your country, please send your request and basic information to info@mobile.freenet2call.com with a subject: "Freecall Business Opportunity"
*Simple Configuration:
-Just 2 steps to finish account setup.
-Speaker / Mic gain control
*Telephony/VoIP Features:
-Enable/ disable STUN server.
-Support VPN
-Available for DND to receive incoming calls from an usual mobile and PSTN landline.
-Make/Receive VoIP calls over WiFi; or 3G / 4G.
-Access to existing contact list.
-Call history.
-Configurable DTMF 2833/4733
-Built-in G.729 ; G.711u ; G.711a codecs
For details, visit the Freecall service web: www.voip-guide.info
Get technical support, email: info@mobile.freenet2call.com
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Free Call App

Free Call App

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