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Free Chess Games 2015 AI
Free Chess Games 2015 AI
Free Chess Games 2015 AI
Free Chess Games 2015 AI
Free Chess Games 2015 AI
Free Chess Games 2015 AI


This game is based on the traditional chess and combined with fancy design is an exciting game of strategy and puzzles that can not be ignored.

Chess is a board game that everyone was popular internationally known. Highlights of the game is to play a complex and moving patterns that vary. The charm is in the form of a chess game, which is based on the technique and style of play. The game of chess is not only a fun game of chess, for it also helps to train the brain practice skills. I want it It can be applied in the future as well.

Each chess Comparable to each employee in the organization. If you read and understand the structure of each department. It can be easily managed.
To play chess Or fertilize the queen is the most valuable in the game. Because according to the rules, if we lose body fat, it means we lose. If the standard value of each piece is as follows: Rook (ship)> Bishop (Bishop)> Knight (horse)> Pawn (BIA) with these values, measured by the number of channels, each piece can walk. Each of them has a different walk away.

Chess pieces are both offensive and a lure which must work together in order to win. The administration had to use the service. Both the type I and type ahead on planning and strategy.
Playing chess with various techniques to bring victory. Sometimes you need to lose some pieces to beat the opponent. Players must explore the relationship of the individual pieces that can be used together?. Determine whether to use it as an offense. And use it as a lure.

The move only wrong step could mean defeat. Doing business as well to plan carefully. Including the need to modify the plan is always right.
Every step of the move affect the outcome of the game is huge. The Moving Castle walk, can not go back again. If I have the opportunity to win even a small error in one eye only. Planning to play carefully in every way. Eyes to wander and think for the next several moves. May help us to escape from the Holocaust from losing more.

Features of this application.

Main features:
- Play against the computer (AI is very clever).
- Players are human (1vs1).
- The Play
- Save reviews of games played.

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Free Chess Games 2015 AI

Free Chess Games 2015 AI



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