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Free Yoga Workout for Arms
Free Yoga Workout for Arms
Free Yoga Workout for Arms
Free Yoga Workout for Arms


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You have no time for workout ? You want healty life if yes then option is Yoga for you.... You know What is Yoga? Can anyone do yoga? Yes, everyone can do yoga. Do you know that you have done simple yoga poses, when you were a baby? You know how Yoga can give your healthy life for life time…

You know How Yoga can help you to imporove your lifestyle … ? How you can do less hard excerises and get more Fit body & relex life using Yoga & one more important thing you can get healthy life doing less excerises

Yoga is not mere acrobatics - it is a holistic approach of uniting the body, mind and spirit.
Yoga and yoga postures are beneficial as they bring a harmonious balance within your system. A state of total well-being is not just a healthy body, but a healthy mind and spirit too.

All ailments, diseases are manifestations of imbalances in the body. Ailments are the body's way of calling attention for 'more care'. Yoga and yoga postures provide simple and practical solutions to all your daily problems. Which will help your body to be healthy

Physically, the yoga postures improves the flexibility and strength of muscles and mobility of joints. They also massage the organs, thus improving their functionality. Yoga heals various chronic illnesses in a natural and simple way and also improves the body's immunity. Love the idea yoga but are just not sure where to begin? Join the club!

There is so much to benefit from the practice of yoga in every aspect of life. Yoga is as much a mindset as it is a physical practice. But where do you begin?

Relax, exhale and watch on these video sessions with charming and beautiful Kainaz Motivala as Poonam Babbar gives you some tips & instructions on beginner yoga exercises.

Workout includes many different Asanas (Postures) & Mudras (with Fingers) including Back Asanas, Stomach Asanas, Sitting Asanas, Neck & Shoulder Asanas, Pranayam (breathing)

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Free Yoga Workout for Arms

Free Yoga Workout for Arms



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