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Frontier Terrorist Shooter 3D
Frontier Terrorist Shooter 3D
Frontier Terrorist Shooter 3D
Frontier Terrorist Shooter 3D
Frontier Terrorist Shooter 3D
Frontier Terrorist Shooter 3D
Frontier Terrorist Shooter 3D
Frontier Terrorist Shooter 3D
Frontier Terrorist Shooter 3D
Frontier Terrorist Shooter 3D


Encounter the deadliest frontier terrorist gunners across the mountains in wilderness in this action packed 3d sniper shooting game Frontier Terrorist Encounter. Spot their undercover basecamp, attack it and shoot them before they kill you. Fight the battle like a soldier sniper hero gunner.

The terrorists have hijacked your arena, wreaking havoc. Stop them before they attack your headquarter. Widen your search. Fight the terrorist squad with your specialized heavy war guns and sniper shooting rifle without any war tanks, helicopters, trained military troops and jet fighters. It’s an urgent war mission. You don’t have enough time to wait for the convoy to reach the battlefield. Either take your chances by trusting your sniper skills or let them capture the terrain. Bring down the enemy. Aim for the approaching target and pull the trigger without any hesitation. Don't get afraid of the wildfire gunshots. Head-shot would definitely be an added advantage of your mission. Before firing your first shot, assess the situation first. Once you have started firing, your enemy would get to know about your presence. This isn’t a training mission, you have to be well focused and determined to avoid any unpleasant surprises and cross firing. Do not let any evil guy runaway.

The skippy terrorists are powerful evil forces. They have been planning to capture your armoured territory for so long. With all your hot shot practicing skills, defend yourself from the smart shooter gunshots because surviving is quite tougher here. Be prepared because the steamy battle terrain can be tough with dust storms and high mountains to cross. Use your sniper shooter gun to hunt down the enemies, blast away their camps. Don’t get hurt with the war gunshots in this sniper shooter assault mission. You might need to use your outdoor survival skills.

Frontier Terrorist Encounter features:
√ Perfect game control
√ Real life stunning 3D graphics
√ User friendly interface
√ Exquisite Sniper shooting and fighting experience
√ Suitable background sounds
√ Sniper scope shooter for precise targets
√ Reload sniper gun
√ Change your gun

How To Play
√ Touch and swipe the screen to move back, forth, right and left around the battlefield
√ Move the shooter scope to aim precise target
√ Press the fire button for a gunshot
√ Reload your gun if you are out of bullets
√ Kill all the terrorists as quickly as you can to complete the assault mission
√ Good work! All the terrorists are done. You have completed your first mission

With this exciting game play and amazing UI, you would love to play Frontier Terrorist Encounter mission, a first person shooting game experience. This action packed blockbuster sniper simulator game is very interesting to play. Install Frontier Terrorist Encounter on your device now for a top sniper shooting 3d experience.

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Frontier Terrorist Shooter 3D

Frontier Terrorist Shooter 3D

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