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Fun Toddler Games
Fun Toddler Games
Fun Toddler Games
Fun Toddler Games
Fun Toddler Games
Fun Toddler Games


Are you looking for fun kid games apps for your little bundle of joy, apps which should make the perfect mixes of cartoonish, cute graphics and skills-challenging game-play? Well, then this game pack here is no doubt one of the applications that you were seeking for your young one!

The app comprised two brain-teasing challenges for your child to enjoy after school:

Scrambled Toys

You will surely agree that fun puzzle games, like this specific game here, make some amazing cognitive skills-developing tools for toddlers. We've taken this into consideration when developing Scrambled Toys and we've done our best to wrap its brain-teasing goals in an eye-catching, cute graphics that should appeal to the tiny user. Comprising 5 skills-demanding levels, 5 puzzles to get assembled, all featuring attractive, colorful toys, ranging from duckling-shaped toys to cubes, giraffe toys etc., the game app aims at sharpening a great variety of cognitive abilities in your child: memory, problem solving, shape recognition etc. Have a lovely parent and child time together as you indicate to him/her the right gesture for dragging those puzzle pieces on the touchscreen and watch its reaction as he/she manages to assemble the cute giraffe's head, putting together the right pieces, and be there to cheer him/her up when he/she misplaces the pieces and doesn't manage to put together the little teddy bear or the duckling's body on the first attempt.

Feed My Monster

Feed My Monster is one of those child-friendly game apps meant to improve your little one's motor skills. It stars a goofy-faced, big-mouthed cartoonish little monster surrounded by all kinds of foodies and all kinds of non-comestible items (pencils, toilet paper, needles etc), too. Your child's task will be to simply drag all those snacks and objects around the adorable cartoon character and drop them into its mouth. If in the first level there are only comestible foodies for your child to feed the monster with, the second and the third level feature also non-comestible snacks to satisfy its huge appetite with. Without being time-limited, it gives the tiny user the chance to take his time and perfectly coordinate his eye and hand, to focus on the foodies (and the non-foodies, too), place its finger on them and simply drag them onto the onscreen little monster. As simple and as fun as that, it's an application meant to delight your kid with an attractive, so very cute graphics and to develop its motor skills, as well!

Therefore, if you're constantly searching for the perfect parental bonding types of activities that make some great cognitive skills-improving type of activities, as well, feel free to take the Fun Toddler Games pack, too, into consideration!

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Fun Toddler Games

Fun Toddler Games

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