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Funny Fruit Game Free
Funny Fruit Game Free
Funny Fruit Game Free
Funny Fruit Game Free
Funny Fruit Game Free
Funny Fruit Game Free
Funny Fruit Game Free
Funny Fruit Game Free
Funny Fruit Game Free


The Funny Fruit Game Free is a timed, link matching game, featuring various funny fruit images. It's easy to make the matches, and it’s fun for kids and everyone! The object of the game is to match up all of the apple, pineapple, or peach icons and clear the board before the timer runs out. The matches must be linked, or they can’t be cleared from the board. One way that the matches will occur is when the matching funny fruit images are next to each other, either side by side or up and down on top of each other. Another way to make a match is when there are game cards that are free and not boxed in. You clear the board by working your way in from the outside and working your way out from the inside. Here’s a tip: Make as many matches in the middle of the board first. You’ll be able to see what link you found because the Funny Fruit Game Free will show you the link when you click on a linked match.

Once you’ve completed all of the matches in the first round, you’ll go to the next one. You’ll have to go faster each round because you’ll have less time to complete it.

If you need help, you can use the Shuffle button up to 3 times. When you click Shuffle, the funny fruit game images get mixed up to make it easier to find the linking matches. You can also use the Find Match button 3 times and this will actually show you the matching links.

Now, not only can you eat your fruit, you can play with it, too, with this fun Funny Fruit Game Free!

There’s an ad-free version of this Funny Fruit Game available on Google Play.

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Funny Fruit Game Free

Funny Fruit Game Free

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