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Funny sounds
Funny sounds
Funny sounds
Funny sounds
Funny sounds
Funny sounds


*8 very cool and funny lol and laugh sounds!
*Perplexing with awesomness wallpaper!
*Very good emotions
*Cool addition to your jokes
*Lots of kids made happy!

If you are looking for funny application with funny background picture we have the one for you! Funny Sounds app is the perfect app if you need something that would inglude best fart, norris, jokes and sounds, that are really very cool.

Of course you won’t find any funny games or funny pictures here, but come on, there are realy awesome 8 sounds, that will make laugh hard!

You will find this application without funny pictures or funny sounds useful in many cases, for example, when you are making a lol or demotivational video.All trending jokes in facebook or pinterest always include great funny sounds!

And if you want to prank your classmates with fart sounds, be sure to find the fart sound in our application!

There are also some sounds that can scare you so be careful! These will also be useful if you are trying to prank somebody!

This perplexing with awesomness application is the Chuck Norris of all great laugh and gag applications! Many people are using it and they really find it useful in lots of situations, such as when they are in party and trying to think of some damn good jokes!

The best thing about this funny application is that it is completely free! You can forget 9gag, pinterest or facebook if you are using this great free joke application, as it will help you in really really lots of situation!

Just be sure, to remember which sound is which, so when you are in hurry, you can use the right sound!

Sadly, there are no video or funny pictures and you won’t find any full of awesomness jokes about Chuck Norris here, but as we mentioned earlier, this app will make your own jokes even more funny right now!

Even chimpunks are creating their own jokes, so if you want to be damn good, and very cool, be sure to get some ideas from our funny sounds application.

Be sure, you won’t find anything sexual or offensive here, also there are no gifs, neither there are any planking videos. Just pure funny sounds, that will make your time at barbershop flow ten times faster! Were joking of course.

Also you might find this application useful with kids.They are easily make them laugh with some funny sounds, so if a kid you are watching is getting sad, just give him a phone with this application installed, and you will se a smile on his face in no time.

Memes can be funny, but these really cool sounds which includes fart, gatling, jokes, creeps are even funnier. Of course it depends on your point of view, but we are sure, funny sounds - application is a must have on every android phone!

So if you are trying to make your lols and jokes even funnier, with this great laugh application, you will become Chuck Norris of jokes! With this app all people will love you for your awesome and full of laugh stories about anything!

This application has contains even 8 best funny sounds:
Angry Squirrel,
Bean fart,
Double Snort,
Kid laugh,
Party horn,
Running feet,
Strangle slip!

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Funny sounds

Funny sounds

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