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Don’t you think this furry of samurai Run is a winning combo? Both of them are diligent and will offer you amusement endless on your android device. Here you have to run at speed with the furry of samurai and at the same time have to acquire control to tackle the series of adversities of this 2D arcade game, in order to enjoy endless running drive of the samurai riding on the big samurai.

There might be multiple reasons that running Samurai will keep on chasing the difficulties on its runway and the Shrunken samurai will decide the next action plan if he will pop-in or he will jump, or he will keep on running.The app is all about a game depicting the story of Samurai Legend - Fight Action, where a samurai is running to save his life from the chasing enemies. Here your role is to help this running samurai to ride fast and to stay safe from deadly enemies like furious Ninja, flying birds, giant squirrels, and deadly fire to keep on moving ahead with the furry of samurai run. You will get three lives to kill each of these enemies to stay on the track: otherwise the samurai will be dead and you have to start running samurai from the first again.

Not only running and saving life, the running furry of samurai has excellent scope for collecting jewels and gold coins lying and popping on the road. The samurai will keep you engaged at running as fast as possible to save his life and to keep you alert on the screen.

How to play the game?

This Samurai Fight and Run game is simple to play. Tap your finger in order to keep the samurai active and running. You need to decide if he needs to jump or he should run faster and faster. The gold coins and other treasures will be available on road, the running samurai will have to adjust his speed to get them collected.

This running samurai game is endlessly interesting and fun packed. It will take some minutes only to get sync on your android device. Check its features before you download the furry of samurai run game app.

• Brilliant and eye candy user interface,
• Lively graphics and vibrant animation will keep you amazed,
• Difficulty level will increase in every 15-20 seconds,
• You can play with your friends; the multiple player option will be added soon
• The Samurai run game runs with different types of samurai music and audible effects at background rhythm: this will keep your energy level high up!
• You can share your panda run game score with friends through social networking sites like Facebook.
Enjoy this running samurai game with your kids also. furry of samurai will make your leisure time happy and delightful!

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Furry Of Samurai

Furry Of Samurai

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