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Game Download 2048
Game Download 2048
Game Download 2048
Game Download 2048
Game Download 2048
Game Download 2048
Game Download 2048
Game Download 2048


Game Download 2048 includes Diamond Quest 2048, which is created from original Game 2048 which is a single-player puzzle game created by 19-year-old Italian web developer Gabriele Cirulli. Game Download 2048 is a FREE download app and only available at Google Play Store. It is a sliding block puzzle. It is a matching game.
The objective of the is to find 2 or more matching numbered tiles, blocks or selected images on a grid and combine them.

In Game Download 2048, a menu of fun and addictive games consists of :-
1. Diamond Quest 2048 (2048 game) - Diamond Quest 2048 consists of selected images of precious stones or jewels, used instead of numbered tiles. Match 2 or more jewels and look out for the arrival of the DIAMOND.
Game Download 2048 puzzle game is a fun, addictive and a very simple to play for everyone. You just join the jewels and get the diamond to win!
HOW TO PLAY Diamond Quest 2048 puzzle game:
Join upwards, downwards, left or right 2 similar color jewels. When two or more tiles with the similar colours touch, they merge into one to give another color.
In Game Download 2048, the colors of the jewels starts as follows :-
magenta -> turquoise -> red -> navy blue -> orange -> green -> purple ->
->yellow -> white -> pink -> DIAMOND !! When the diamond appears, the player wins!
The original 2048 game has tiles numbered as below :-
2 -> 4 ? -> ? 16 -> 32 -> 64 -> 128 -> 256 -> 512 -> 1024 -> 2048
1. Diamond Quest 2048 features
# Images of colourful precious stones or jewels
# Beautiful back ground
# Score board and leaderboard to assist keep track of highest score.
# Addictive. Match to raise your high score. Highest score is saved.
# Achievements. Everytime you beat your last high score, the new score is automatically updated.
# Can stop game anytime
# Support Android smartphones 2.3.3 and up
# Native

2. Diamond Memo (Memo game) features
# Images of 8 colorful precious stones or jewels to be discovered under rows of sapphires.

3. Jewels Puzzle (Puzzle Game) features
# 3 level puzzle games where a beautiful image is randomized into 9, 25 and 49 pieces to be pieced back together.

4. Space Gemstones (Space ship shooting aliens) features
# Be a space fighter and shoot the aliens in space. Speed in space.

5. Share games features
# Share with friends via Facebook and email
# Can also share Game Download 2048 from Google Play Store. Look for the Share icon.

If you like game 2048 with tiles or blocks, you will like this app. If you like Game Download 2048 please review and rate 5 !! Thank you for your support.
Download and share this app now while its free and have loads of fun !!

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Game Download 2048

Game Download 2048

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