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Gangster Mafia fight
Gangster Mafia fight
Gangster Mafia fight
Gangster Mafia fight
Gangster Mafia fight
Gangster Mafia fight
Gangster Mafia fight
Gangster Mafia fight
Gangster Mafia fight
Gangster Mafia fight


Gangster Mafia Fight

Can you imagine all the Gangster Mafia mobsters in a death match? All mafias have conflicts between them and can now fight to maintain control and respect of its territory. Choose your favorite character and fight against each gangster gangster rival area to get the throne of smuggling.

The gangsters are ready to observe the most controversial fights. Guns and pistols are not allowed so it will be a battle of punches and kicks. Hooligans boys and girls matonas are also in the game to fight the best known thugs of the world. These Gangster world and the darkest areas are prepared to fight in the ghetto.

Multiple combos to defeat your enemy, vital waves, martial arts, karate, kick boxing, kong fu, thousands of tricks and combinations of kicks, punch, air strikes, multiple kicks, infinity punch, air strikes and many knockouts more to discover .

You have until 3 rounds to defeat your enemy, the more you hit your opponent the easier it will launch magic. Every gangster has its specific magic so choose all the characters.

These are the famous Gangster mafias available:

  AL COPON It is well known in the world of the Mafia because he knows distributing alcohol along the coast.

RICHI LUCCIANO chef was long ago and now has a super fast arm movements through its handling of the knife has become a very bloody mobster.
GRISELDA BANK pretty girl, which freezes with its beautiful look and you destroy kicks and head butts.
FRAN KOSTEKO Great capo of the Sicilian Mafia, has taken control of the area based on bloody fights.
CARLO GAMVINO Maton Golden Age of war, with slow movements but a bulky body.
PEPE GOTTI Conflicts with its first client as a hit man, they make him a beast and only thinks about fighting.
THE MENTON GIANT New to the game of mafia gangster, is known for its movement drill.
LAURA KUNIGA music went from being a respected Gangster, but has a powerful punch that scares any bully.

None of the characters mentioned exists in reality, they are just fiction.

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Gangster Mafia fight

Gangster Mafia fight

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