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Georgian Today Radio
Georgian Today Radio
Georgian Today Radio


About GeorgianToday Radio

GeorgianToday is an online (Internet) radio based in Georgia under MR Publisher Ltd. License. GeorgianToday offers 24 hours multi language music (English, Georgian, Russian, Persian, Arabic, Turkish), social and entertainment news and information such as tourism attractions of Georgia and other countries.
Our online radio always features top-quality selections of the best, most popular music from each genre. On average a radio listener spends about 30 minutes or more listening to a car radio while commuting to and from. However, Internet radio is reaching people 24 hours a day around the world while they work, shop, chat, email or surf online. Our listeners are worldwide, no longer bound by the limitations of the antenna and advertisers’ messages are reaching a wider market. Furthermore if you miss the evening internet radio news, most of the online radios have websites where everything missed can always be caught up with.
Enjoy the best of free online music from your home or office, via our Free Mobile Music Apps which makes radio listening much easier and much more convenient. The online internet radio can offer much more things than its predecessor. It can be accessed via internet browser or specially developed application, both on PCs and smartphones.
GT is everywhere you are!
Advantages of Online Radios for both Listeners and Advertisers:
Radio apps offer many benefits to listeners and to broadcasters. For listeners, they make radio interactive and personal. Apps are a good way for radio stations to get closer to their audience and to develop a relationship with them. They are also an excellent marketing channel for broadcasters giving them 24/7 visibility with their listeners and the ability to push events, promotions, ticket sales, etc. directly to their listeners’ smartphones.
Internet connection enables content and service providers to monitor and track how listeners consume content, together with their likes and dislikes, and based upon this information allows them to offer targeted advertising services for which advertisers will pay a premium charge.
Advertisers are the ones that can benefit more than you think. With internet streaming not only audio can be transmitted but images, videos and links as well. It is a great idea to show people an inviting banner with a link below for your website, while the actual voice ad is going on. The user would be much eager simply to click the link on the screen to avail your product or services instead of trying to remember ordering phone numbers and URLs.
Advertisers who benefit:

• Smaller operations that want to establish a name or foothold in a local community. Businesses such as family restaurants, local salons and boutiques, supermarkets, Cafes, or independent photography studios.

• Regional and Mid-Sized Businesses with large customer bases that need to reach customers in a new geographic region or penetrate into new market. Construction companies, automotive dealers, and grocery store chains are among those businesses that can build familiarity with customers through radio spots that can spread the word about a company and build its credibility.

• Major National/International Companies and large corporations with recognizable names and brand characteristics to focus on increasing of brand awareness, reminding and encouraging audiences to avail their products and services.

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Georgian Today Radio

Georgian Today Radio

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