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Golf Solitaire Deluxe
Golf Solitaire Deluxe
Golf Solitaire Deluxe
Golf Solitaire Deluxe
Golf Solitaire Deluxe
Golf Solitaire Deluxe
Golf Solitaire Deluxe
Golf Solitaire Deluxe


* Four classic solitaire games in one app: GOLF, TRIPEAKS, PYRAMID & BLACK HOLE.
* High quality artwork featuring a stylish graphics theme.
* Pleasurable music with cool sound effects.
* 3 Difficulty settings.

How to play Golf Solitaire:

* Game Layout
At the top, there are 7 piles of cards, each consisting of 5 face up overlapping cards, only the card at the bottom of each pile is available for play.
At the middle, the remaining cards are placed face down to form a stock of 17 cards.
At the bottom, a waste pile is created as cards are played from the piles and the stock according to the game rules.
The game starts by placing the first card from the stock to the waste.

* Objective
To win the game, the player has to transfer all the cards from the 7 piles and stock to the waste pile as quickly as possible.

* Rules
The bottom card from one of the 7 piles may be played to the waste pile if it follows either an ascending or descending sequence regardless of suit, for example, if the waste pile has a 9, either a 8 or 10 may be played on the 9. Aces can be played over Kings and vice versa. When no more cards from the piles can be played to the waste, a card from the stock must be dealt to the waste, and continue playing cards from the piles. If there are no more cards on the stock and no more cards to be played from the piles, the game is over.
To play cards from the piles or stock, simply tap on them.

* Difficulty
Easy - unlimited undos.
Normal - up to 10 undos.
Hard - up to 5 undos, no cards can be played over Kings.

*** Instructions for TRIPEAKS, PYRAMID & BLACK HOLE can be found within the Help section. ***

This is a must have game for all solitaire fans!

More info and games at www.boviosoft.com

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Golf Solitaire Deluxe

Golf Solitaire Deluxe



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