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GPS Driving Route
GPS Driving Route
GPS Driving Route
GPS Driving Route
GPS Driving Route
GPS Driving Route
GPS Driving Route


GPS Driving Route Finder is the app you want to have as it can offer you a lot of features. It is a very easy app to use and quick in response. GPS Driving Route Finder will help you get current location and share it, find shortest driving route and walking route, find nearby places, display your moving speed and your altitude.

* GPS location:

Display your current location and share it with your friends and family members with one click. the app displays your location with a message "Here You Are" showing your exact location
and let your friends know where you are by sending your location to them.

* GPS Driving Route Finder:
by touching the start place and end place, the app will draw the route to follow to get destination in both driving route mode and walking route mode.
It shows you also the distance between the two places and the duration you need to get there if your are using your car or walking.

* GPS Nearby Places Finder:
Find your prefered places around you: restaurants, cafes, hospitals, train stations, bus stations, airports ...
If You are looking to place you want to spend time, the GPS nearby places finder helps you in a very well way by showing you places to go and have some good time.

* GPS Speedometer :
the speedometer displays you both map and your moving speed. If your using your car or walking, the speedometer displays in Km/h and Mph the moving speed.

* GPS Altimeter :
the altimeter displays you both map and your altitude.The altimeter displays in meters and feets the altitude at place where you are.

In summary, the GPS Driving Route Finder will do the following functions for you:

* display current location and share it
* find nearby places quickly
* find driving route and walking route and showing distance and duration between two places
* display moving speed using speedometer
* display altitude using altimeter.

Hope you will enjoy our app.

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GPS Driving Route

GPS Driving Route



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