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Gravity Killer American Mafia
Gravity Killer American Mafia
Gravity Killer American Mafia
Gravity Killer American Mafia
Gravity Killer American Mafia
Gravity Killer American Mafia
Gravity Killer American Mafia
Gravity Killer American Mafia
Gravity Killer American Mafia
Gravity Killer American Mafia


Are you 17 years or over in love with violent games? Then go ahead and download amazing Gravity Killer American Mafia game on your Android Smartphone. This game involves violence where you play with an amazing mafia guy to escape enemies. In this game, basically you are the hero gangsta where you have to conquer the traps that are set for you by enemies to protect your life.

Shoot and kill your enemies while exploring the city. Play with the gravity and escape your enemies. If you want to launch more cities in this game then you have to earn points and collect points. The more points you earn allow you to discover and explore more cities and characters of the mafia guy. Your enemies also increase as you explore new cities. There are many platforms that you can discover as well.

This game has many power ups. You can move to the next level of the game. It is an amazing gravity mafia guy game with great features to make the game more interesting. Take a look at the following features:

• A fast game
• Lots of fun
• Great HD graphics
• Various power ups
• Launch more cities
• 3 characters of the mafia guy to choose from and many more.

These features make the game to be amazing for the player. The more coins and points you win it is the more chances of exploring many cities where you escape as the hero gangsta. In addition to the more cities to explore, you get to choose any character among 3 of them to play with. The game has levels as you play, and you can choose power-up for each.

There are multiple enemies that you need to escape from in order to win. There are also many platforms to use for your battles. Playing this game will be a priceless moment for those in fond of shoot and kill movies. It needs the player to be over 17 years before playing it. Horror movies are not good for kids as they may condemn their minds.

This game involves realistic violence. That is why it is recommended for players who are 17 years of over to play. Under age is strictly forbidden.

The game is easy to understand and to play but tough to win the battle against multiple enemies. However, it’s just needs your focus in order to win. As you feel more confident about winning, you can advance to next levels. More cities will be unlocked when you earn coins and points. As you continue with it, you have a chance to also unlock your new enemies thus making a total so large. Winning the game is a challenge worth-taking.

Do you want to explore this fun although violent game? Then download it today on Google Play for your Android Smartphone.

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Gravity Killer American Mafia

Gravity Killer American Mafia

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