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Gunship Helicopter - 3D Battle
Gunship Helicopter - 3D Battle
Gunship Helicopter - 3D Battle
Gunship Helicopter - 3D Battle
Gunship Helicopter - 3D Battle
Gunship Helicopter - 3D Battle
Gunship Helicopter - 3D Battle
Gunship Helicopter - 3D Battle
Gunship Helicopter - 3D Battle


Gunship Helicopter 3D Battle– an EPIC First Person Simulator (FPS) Gun Shooting game. It’s time to prepare yourself for an epic battle and furious FPS action. The Enemy Strike combines immersive 3D environments with intense shooting gameplay
The tensions between USA and Russia have recently been increased and there have been a constant threat from Russia to destroy US frontline dams, which can lead to a viscous battle between the two countries. Without taking any further chances, the United States has deployed a team of Black Ops Shooters and Gunship Helicopters at the frontline. There have been reports that Russia will also use the gunship helicopters along with the ground forces equipped with latest guns. The deployment of Black Ops shooters was decided in the top-secret meeting between the president and the Chief of Army Staff. Black Ops Shooters spend months in shooting camps shooting simulator enemies and have been trained to fight battles that need quick response. Black Ops Shooters are armed with latest guns available to date
The Grand Coulee located at the frontline is the largest Dam of USA and is the backbone to the countries electricity generation. Russia in the past has tried to destroy the frontline in many battles but the United States Marine Core has successfully defended all of their attacks
Recently, CIA has collected authentic information that Russia is planning to carry out the attack using Mi-24 gunship helicopter and Russian ground forces at Grand Coulee. Your job is to defend the frontline as a Black Ops shooter at every cost by destroying their gunship helicopter and ground soldiers. You will be equipped with latest weapons as M4A1 gun, mini gun and a RPG launcher. The fate for this battle will be deiced in this ultimate FPS showdown

Have a happy black ops Special Forces style battle!!!

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Gunship Helicopter - 3D Battle

Gunship Helicopter - 3D Battle

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