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Gymprovise Workout Tracker/Log
Gymprovise Workout Tracker/Log
Gymprovise Workout Tracker/Log
Gymprovise Workout Tracker/Log
Gymprovise Workout Tracker/Log
Gymprovise Workout Tracker/Log
Gymprovise Workout Tracker/Log
Gymprovise Workout Tracker/Log
Gymprovise Workout Tracker/Log
Gymprovise Workout Tracker/Log


Up your motivation, improve your fitness, and stay on track with Gymprovise - a powerful, versatile, and flexible workout tracker for the Gym and outdoors, which gives you everything you need to PLAN, TRACK, and REVIEW all your fitness activity, and MAX your gains!

Gymprovise is THE Workout, Fitness & Bodybuilding app for gym junkies, fitness enthusiasts, bodybuilders & anyone serious about getting fitter and stronger.

This is the free, ads-supported version, with core functionality.

Gymprovise makes it easy to plan & track all your fitness activity, in the gym & outdoors. We have many features to suit everyone from beginners to advanced bodybuilders. Here's just some:

Intuitive UI, saves battery life
-UI integrates perfectly with Android ICS (4.0) & Jelly Bean (4.1/4.2), and works with older versions too.
-Dark scheme designed to conserve battery life, so your phone doesn't die during your Workout!

Comprehensive Exercise Database
-400+ Strength/Cardio/Stretching Exercises, with clear instructions, and preview (thumbnail) images also available. (More Exercises and Full size images available in paid version)
-Exercise Equipment Filter lets you quickly find Exercises.
-Create Exercises if what you need isn't in the Database. (Paid version allows creation of more custom exercises)

Training Program & Routine Planning
-Create a customized Routine in minutes. Your Routine can be an arbitrary length of time, not just weekly.
-Routine Planning features suit all kinds of Routines - Weight Training/Bodybuilding/Cardio Training/Strength Training/Bulking/Cutting/General Fitness routines.
-4 built-in Routines available. (6 additional built-in routines available in paid version)

Smart Workout Tracking
-Effortlessly track the perfect Workout in real time, in the gym or outdoors. We have many tracking features like:

->Rest Timer & Stopwatch
->Note Taking
->Add/Remove Exercises/Sets
->EASY units conversion!
->Exercise Substitution
->Automatic 1RM Calculation

and MUCH more!

Weight/Body Fat/Body Measurement Tracking
-Easily track Weight, Body Fat %, Body Mass Index (BMI), & Body Measurements with daily logging. Left & Right sided Body Measurement Tracking supported.

Random Workouts
-Optionally setup Random-Style Workouts to keep your Training interesting.

Retrospective Logging
-Log and view past Workouts, Gym sessions, Weight, & Measurements with ease.

Progress Tracking
-View a snapshot of your Profile, Basic Stats, Weight, Exercise & Measurement progress.
-Quickly view progress in your favorite Exercises.
-See progress Charts for Weight & Exercises. (More Charts available in paid version)

Fitness Cloud Storage
-With your Gymprovise Account, backup & restore your fitness data.
-Export fitness data for offline use.

Social Media Integration
-Share Workout Details via Facebook/Twitter/Google+

Move to SD
-So you can free memory on your device

Inbuilt Help
-Integrated Help Guide for quick reference

NOTE: Access Location is only used to serve appropriate advertisements. Accessing location is NOT used by the application code itself.

Gymprovise was built by a group of gym junkies who know exactly what gym rats, bodybuilders, fitness junkies, weight trainers & athletes need from a workout app - because we're just like you!

Try it and see why it's THE BEST Workout Tracker on the Market! You won't be disappointed!

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Gymprovise Workout Tracker/Log

Gymprovise Workout Tracker/Log



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