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HD Voice and Video Call Guide
HD Voice and Video Call Guide
HD Voice and Video Call Guide


High Definition Voice Call Guide : What Is HD Voice? - As people increasingly abandon voice calling for texting and emailing, audio quality has been a bit neglected. The jump from your current phone to HD voice is like switching from dialup to DSL but what is it, exactly? How HD Voice Works to Make Your Calls Sound Drastically Better - Broken-up conversations, muffled voices and dropped calls will become a thing of the past if HD Voice lives up to its expectations. The major carriers have been teasing us with this vision of the future for years, and it looks like HD Voice is finally coming, for real. List of smartphones with HD Voice support that support Wideband audio better known as Adaptive Multi-Rate Wideband (AMR-WB).

Improved audio quality is a hard thing to measure. Lots of cell phone carriers claim to have it. The relatively new calling standard that, when possible, places calls over 4G LTE data networks, instead of the traditional circuit switched networks. How to enable Hi-Def Calling on Android. High Definition Voice Calling on compatible phones and carriers. Hi-Def Calling is a useful addition to 4G LTE capable devices, wherein users can benefit with superior call quality via Enhanced 4G LTE Mode on carriers that support the service. high quality calls for Android phones have arrived. You read that right, starting today you can make high quality voice quality calls from any Android mobile phone.

HD Video Call Guide : If you have an iPhone or iPad, your top choice would likely be Face Time, since its built into the operating system and works well. But if you're rocking an Android phone or tablet, you'll need to pick another app to help you stay connected including Hangouts, Viber, Imo and Glide. If you're looking to video chat, these apps can help stay connected with HD video and extra features too. For staying connected, video calling is still all the rage. More personal than a phone call, but just as easy, video calling is often free and the feature is popping up in more apps, including WhatsApp earlier this year.

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HD Voice and Video Call Guide

HD Voice and Video Call Guide

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