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He Ishwara Tuj Prarthna
He Ishwara Tuj Prarthna
He Ishwara Tuj Prarthna
He Ishwara Tuj Prarthna
He Ishwara Tuj Prarthna
He Ishwara Tuj Prarthna


Chant He Ishwara Tuj Prarthna everyday and see your life change for best!

Satguru Shri Wamanrao Pai was born to a middle class family in Mumbai. He was born on 21st of October, 1923. He completed his graduation majoring in Economics from Mumbai University in 1944.

Satguru Wamanrao Pai leads a happy married life and is father to a daughter and a son. After graduation he worked for Maharashtra State Government where he retired in 1981 as a Deputy Secretary, Finance.

He was a follower of Shri Nana Maharaj Shreegondekar.At an very early age of 25, he was inclined to spiritualism. He has worked diligently to self realisation. His efforts and devotion have made him attain his highest goals of spiritual sadhana.

Satguru started imparting his spiritual knowledge in the form of courses at different spiritual centres and the Vivekanada Centre in Mumbai.

Satguru and his followers established a trust for spiritual upliftment and empowerement of the people. They called the trust Nam Sampraday Mandal in 1955 on the auspicious Dassera day. Nam Sampraday Mandal is know known as Jeevanvidya Mission.

The disciples of Satguru are known as Namdharaks. The namdharaks are known to work for the cause of Jeevanvidya Mission relentlessly and selflessly. Satuguru Wamanrao Pai delivers his lectures and guidance free of cost.
He has more than 25 books to his credit which are learned by many devotees all over. He has delivered more than ten thousand lectures across Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka and even the United States.

The belief and philosophy of Satguru Wamanrai Pai are life changing and inspirational. His teachings bring a breathe of freshness to one’s thinking and outlook towards life.

Jeevanvidya is a philosophy of life and an art of successful living. It aims at achieving material prosperity and attaining spiritual progress through relentless efforts, on the basis of circumstances as they stand.

Jeevanvidya philosophy defines GOD as intrinsically automatic, self-regulatory, natural, systematic order, endowed with the universal laws of nature.

Jeevanvidya gives equal emphasis to material development as well as psycho-spiritual progress of human beings. Traditionally, spirituality has neglected and discouraged material development since it was considered to be a hurdle in the path of spiritual progress towards Self-realization. Further, people who were drawn to spirituality often became escapists from the world or turned into fatalists. Satguru Shri Wamanrao Pai rejected this negative world-view and asserted that both material development as well as psycho-spiritual progress were absolutely essential if Man is to lead a successful and happy life. In fact, Jeevanvidya philosophy emphasizes that, "Just as a bird needs two wings to fly happily in the sky, similarly man too needs the two wings of worldly life as well as spiritual life to dwell blissfully and gracefully in the ‘sky’ of life.

Jeevanvidya believes in nondualism linked to the Advaita Vedanta-tradition. It also believes in free will and strongly advocates "None else but Man himself creates his own destiny through his good or evil thoughts, speech and physical actions (Karma). The destiny so created, becomes responsible for his sorrow and pain or pleasure and happiness".

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He Ishwara Tuj Prarthna

He Ishwara Tuj Prarthna

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