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Hello Aco! The Chatbot Fun
Hello Aco! The Chatbot Fun
Hello Aco! The Chatbot Fun


This App Requires Internet Connection.

"Show me a picture"

Aco can show any pictures you may want. Say "a picture of dog" or "dog picture" for a funny picture about dogs. If you're lazy, just type "pic". When chatting with Aco, many people just keep type "pic" and cannot stop!

"Tell me a joke"

Everyone like the laughable jokes told by a chatbot! Be sure to ask Aco to tell you a joke. If it makes you laugh, say "joke" again and she will tell you even more jokes. A joke follows another joke – we just cannot stop laughing!

"Sing a song"

Aco is not good at singing. However whenever you want play with music, say "sing" or "music" and she will play a piece of hot music for you. She can also play music according to the title and/or artist you specify, for example, "play Blank Sapce by Talor Swift."


Aco is a news bot! She loves to share trending news she collects from Web with you. Every news report is provided with a news photo. If you want more news before she shares some, say "news". Feel free to share your opinions when Aco invites you to give comments on a trending news topic.


Sure, your mobile phone already has a weather app. But what if you want a weather report when chatting with Aco? You don't have to launch your weather app at all - Aco will you a weather report for you! Yes, Aco is not only a chatbot but also weather app!

Have a question? Ask Aco!

Bring you question to Aco and she will give you answer. Feel free to ask any questions. Aco is able to answer most, if not all, serious questions such as "How many legs does a spider have?" How many questions Aco can answer? You can try it out by keeping asking her questions! Note: If you ask Aco a funny question, she might give you a funny answer too.


If you want to do a search to verify whether Aco gives an accurate answer to you question, you can request her to perform a web search for you. Aco provides top 5 search results for each search request. Say "more" or "next" to view more search results.

"Can you help with my math homework?"

Sure, Aco is good at math - she turns your mobile phone into a smart advanced scientific calculator, which is perfect for your math homework. A normal calculator often only supports simple math expressions which is sufficient unless you're working with primary school homework. If your homework involves nested calculation and functions such as log, cos, or sqrt, Aco, the chat with advanced calculator built, is happy to help!

Math functions that Aco handles: abs, acos, asin, atan, atan2, ceil, cos, exp, floor, log, max, min, pow (power), random, round, sin, sqrt, tan.

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Hello Aco! The Chatbot Fun

Hello Aco! The Chatbot Fun

Acobot LLC


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