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Hijab Dress New Style
Hijab Dress New Style
Hijab Dress New Style
Hijab Dress New Style
Hijab Dress New Style
Hijab Dress New Style
Hijab Dress New Style
Hijab Dress New Style
Hijab Dress New Style
Hijab Dress New Style


Hijab Dress New Style serves camera app veil hijab with a beautiful dress clothes. Muslim women used to use a dress or a gorgeous dress to cover part of his body. In addition, by selecting the right dress, will make an appearance does not look fat. As with this application, the proper selection of the right color combination, will make you look more stylish and beautiful. Moreover, the addition of beautiful accessories such as handbags, earrings and necklaces can make you look more fashionable. All the dresses in this application have been adapted to the trend of the latest model in this year (2017).
Hijab with fashionable styles that will give a gorgeous effect modern. With accessories in clothing and also in hijab, your style will be more beautiful. With the application of photo montages of this, you can try out various Muslim clothing for free with a collection that much. You can put your face on the model gorgeous hijab, in which you have seen the latest models wearing hijab. Your friend must have thought that you have a large collection of hijab that much.
Clothing fashion hijab has several categories hijab hijab ootd and street fashion. Both types of stye hijab are very suitable for use by young women. Hijab is in this application has soft colors, so the women who wear it will look feminine.
This application is also very suitable for selfie with great photo effects, so you look more feminine, fashionable, cool, beautiful and attractive.
edelweiss developer offers a wide range of very interesting features for you who want to wear this hijab style.
Features, and how to use:
1. There are a variety of the latest hijab frame that is a trend in this year.
2. It can take a picture from the gallery.
3. There is a feature to flip or mirror image photo editor.
4. There are many stickers are suitable for the hijab, such as a crown, flower crowns, glasses, and other accessories for beauty hijab.
5. There is a feature overlays that can be used to match the color of your skin. By adjusting skin tones that exist, the placement of your face will be more perfect.
6. Add Text allows you to add text, so photos have you can edit more colorful with beautiful sentences or aphorisms.
7. With the save button, you can save your pictures in the gallery android.
8. The share button is used to share a photo that you have edited and you can send them to social networks you have.
9. Set As, used to make wallpaper, can also be used to change the profile photo, dp or display picture.
10. Slide your photo and put your face right on the holes provided.
11. You can see the results of your work in this application with ease.
* To get a perfect result, you can combine with the camera application beauty makeup selfie photo editor which can whiten the skin, clearing acne or remove spots on the face, and also provide an excellent makeup effects.
Use the right face to get a perfect result. Thanks.

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Hijab Dress New Style

Hijab Dress New Style



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