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i Calling Screen+OS 10 Dailer
i Calling Screen+OS 10 Dailer
i Calling Screen+OS 10 Dailer
i Calling Screen+OS 10 Dailer
i Calling Screen+OS 10 Dailer
i Calling Screen+OS 10 Dailer
i Calling Screen+OS 10 Dailer
i Calling Screen+OS 10 Dailer
i Calling Screen+OS 10 Dailer
i Calling Screen+OS 10 Dailer


Get a cool full screen Caller ID, dialer screen as similar to OS9,OS10 in Phone 6 ,Phone 6S,Phone 7 and Phone 7s , now in your android smart phones. Download i Call screen Free + Dialer app and enjoy the i call screen and Phone 7S calling features..!! Receive and give a call in a similar manner you do in an Phone.

Cool Features:

☞ Use OS9,OS10 Phone 6 ,Phone 6S,Phone 7 and Phone 7scall screen theme on your android phone

☞Replace the old calling screen with the True HD pictures of our i call app.

☞Customize the theme as it suits you.

☞International Number Format available.

☞Very easy to understand user interface.

☞Awesome Graphics that are very similar to the OS9,OS10.

☞Select image of your choice for the background.

☞Compatible with all android smartphones.

And a lot more..!

The application is very easy to use and customize the theme as per your requirements and comfort. As you complete installation of the application open it and you will be able see a very user-friendly application. Soon after the completion of the installation the default OS9,OS10 theme for call screen and caller ID is set ready for use. You can check it by giving a call from other phone to yours.

Are you set to customise the i callscreen theme for your android smartphone in just a few simple steps..?

As you open the app you will be able to see various 6 options initially. Click on Settings to move further. The first part allows you to set the Call Screen. There are two options namely:

☎Show Incoming Screen

☎Show Outgoing Screen

The first option ‘Show Incoming screen’ lets you activate the Phone 7 Call Screen theme for all the incoming calls. The second option ‘Show Outgoing Screen’ lets you activate the Phone 7S Call screen dialer theme as and when you call someone from your android phone.

The next part is about customising the Call Screen. The first option is Theme Setting where in you get various options to customise the theme like changing the background, the sliders to receive or reject a call.

By activating the option ‘International Number Format’ you will get the Caller ID

starting with the country code like +91 for India +1 for USA, +33 for France etc.

This makes it simple to recognise the country of the person calling you. The next option ‘Backpress to exit’ will let you allow to get back to your original Android theme by pressing the back key while a call is going on.

On the main Screen you will find “Theme Settings”, here you can customize the

OS 10 theme for the Call Screen, Caller ID and Phone 7S dialer theme. The first option is ‘Change Background’. Here you can customize your incoming and outgoing call screen background in the Phone 6 theme. The application provides you a lot of cool backgrounds. You can select a picture from your gallery as well..!!

The next option is ‘Animation’, you can change the ‘enter and exit’ animation for the call screen. Once you enter the Animation part you get options like: None, Fade In, Zoom In, Slide Right, Slide Up. This enhances the cool looks of your android phone with this Full Screen Caller ID in OS9 theme!

When you select 'Full Screen' option it hides the status bar of your phone while using our dialer as well as call screen.

The third option on the main Screen of this Phone 5S dialer theme app is 'Themes'. The default theme in this app is similar to the OS7,OS9 and OS 10 themes. If you wish to get more cool themes for you smart phone then you can download the featured themes compatible with our application.

So what are you waiting for..?? Download this cool Full Screen Caller ID app to use the OS7, Phone 5S, Phone 6 & Phone 7S themes on your android phones and make your friends go crazy seeing Phone 7S Call Screen on your Android! Do not forget to suggest this cool icallscreen app to your friends and make them a part of this fun..!!

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i Calling Screen+OS 10 Dailer

i Calling Screen+OS 10 Dailer

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