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IMO Grade 5 Maths Olympiad
IMO Grade 5 Maths Olympiad
IMO Grade 5 Maths Olympiad
IMO Grade 5 Maths Olympiad
IMO Grade 5 Maths Olympiad
IMO Grade 5 Maths Olympiad
IMO Grade 5 Maths Olympiad
IMO Grade 5 Maths Olympiad
IMO Grade 5 Maths Olympiad
IMO Grade 5 Maths Olympiad


95% of people think the best way to improve knowledge and prepare for exam is through books - but interestingly that is not right ! Digital learning via tablets and phones helps you in covering more contents/syllabus in less time, review answers fast there by improving efficiency by 35 to 40%. Free quality apps from Sana Edutech is definitely the great way for you to learn pretty fast at zero-cost :)

International Maths Olympiad (IMO) preparation package
Grade 5 Maths

* Chapter wise question coverage for self evaluation
* Lot of analytical, logical and reasoning quiz with answers
* Students can take seven full fledged Olympiad IMO mock exams
* In addition to these various Chapter based practice quiz are added
* Instantaneous results provided with detail reports.
* Fun way to learn and prepare for Olympiad competitive exams
* Questions answers are prepared with skilled professionals and presented in an appealing GUI
* Any number of re-tests can be taken with this application

This app is being widely used by thousands of young students from all countries and continents that include India, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Oman, Pakistan, Egypt, Europe, U.S, UK and all other parts of world.

More than 600 questions covering all areas of Maths & Logical reasoning.

Practice makes perfect. Repeat practicing all questions, review your answers and improve your kids knowledge in Mathematics ! We assure your kid a sure success in Mathematics.

Give your kid this app and let him/her practice mathematics than playing games ;)

This app shall help kids evaluate their mathematics skills which is common across ALL COUNTRIES for Grade 5.

• Numbers and the number system
• Calculation – Mental strategies, Addition and subtraction, Multiplication and division
• Shapes and geometric reasoning
• Position and movement
• Money
• Length, mass and capacity
• Time
• Area and perimeter
Handling data
• Organising, categorising and representing data
• Probability
Problem solving
• Using techniques and skills in solving mathematical problems
• Using understanding and strategies in solving problems

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IMO Grade 5 Maths Olympiad

IMO Grade 5 Maths Olympiad

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