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Islam: One World
Islam: One World
Islam: One World
Islam: One World
Islam: One World
Islam: One World
Islam: One World
Islam: One World
Islam: One World
Islam: One World


One World: Islam

Call it a name, a method, an idea which is dedicated to make this World a better place to live in, and you can contribute in this
It is always better to contribute towards your religion, so that you come closer to the Formless One, and help in the work of making this world a better place
We at One World are focussed on this idea, and want to make this idea a Win Win situation for everyone
Here is how the idea works,

1. You buy Holy Cloth (Chaddar) for Allah Taalah via the application, or online via our Web Site

2. The things which you donate/buy are actually donated via your name (you can track which payment of yours has been donated to which particular religious place, with a photo proof)

3. The profit which One World makes by your payment is used to do the following,
a. Provide high quality shelter homes for old age people, each home would have Health Facilities, Meditation Centres, Activity Centres and more
b. Provide high quality homes for Rape Victims which would be taken care, given medications, meditation and inspiration sessions would be taken so that they get a new inspiration towards living their life
c. Victims of Child abuse would be given special care and treatment to come out of the depression/fearful state and build their life in a better manner

4. You get virtual badges for your phone, which indicates that you are a contributor to this novel cause

5. You get to donate to your religion and the religion will help us to make this world a better place to live

6. As a person this is the most ethical work which you can do towards Humanity

Hope this application brings you closer to your religion and help you make this world a better place to live in

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Islam: One World

Islam: One World

One World with FITECH


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