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Jewels Dash Deluxe
Jewels Dash Deluxe
Jewels Dash Deluxe
Jewels Dash Deluxe
Jewels Dash Deluxe
Jewels Dash Deluxe
Jewels Dash Deluxe
Jewels Dash Deluxe
Jewels Dash Deluxe
Jewels Dash Deluxe


Get ready to the new additive jewels game now. Jewels Dash Deluxe is a match-3 game with beautiful graphic, the power of magic jewels is in your hands, swipe and match 3 or more jewels in 4 challenge modes to win the game.
Jewels Dash Deluxe is an addictive game filled with colourful gem crunching effects and nice game play for you to enjoy in subway time or in the bus time! Challenge every aspect of your brain to pass the level. So let' get started to crush the jewels now!

How to play:
- Simple rules to play, swipe up, down, left, right to shift all the jewels to the next cell.
- Match 3 or more identical jewels vertically and horizontally to clear the jewels.
- Match 4 jewels can win the rainbow Jewels at the next move.
- If 5 or more jewels are crushed, you will get the lightning Jewels which will help you to clear one colour jewels on the game board.
- Match L / T formation for a powerful bomb Jewel.
- The new jewels will appear in the first row of the direction you swiped.
- Eliminating as much as jewels to pass the levels.
- Game is over when the board is completed fill up or the time is over.
Tips: Match Jewels in the chain can get extra scores, do not FORGET to use the ITEM at the bottom of the board when you are get stuck.

Game Modes:
- Arcade mode: Score as much as you can to pass the level.
- Survival mode: Eliminating Jewels to fill up the time progress bar before it run out.
- Crush mode: Clear all the ROCK tiles to go to the next level.
- BLOCK mode: Destroy all the STONE to win this game.

- Nice, clean graphics and smooth game play
- Four game modes: Arcade, Survival, Crush and Blocks.
- Three items in the game: Undo, Swap and Bomb.
- The lightning Jewel can eliminate any other coloured jewels.
- The bomb jewel can eliminate the jewels around.
- The rainbow Jewel can match any other jewels.
- For the rock tile in CRUSH mode, it cannot be move, but can be destroyed by eliminating jewels which place on it. There are 3 levels of rock.
- For the stone tile in BLOCK mode, it is a obstacle, but can be destroyed by eliminating jewels around. There also 3 levels of stone.

If you love match-3 games, you must try Jewels Dash Deluxe! Have fun and enjoy this brain teaser game.

This game is free now and forever. We have added banner ads from Admob to earn some cents. Please understand this. Thanks for your supporting.

- OUR CONTACT for Jewels Dash Deluxe
We are looking forward to hearing your comment about this match-3 game. Frequent game improvements based on your feedback.please send your feedback to: famosgames@gmail.com
Thank you!

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Jewels Dash Deluxe

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