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Jewels Star 2018
Jewels Star 2018
Jewels Star 2018
Jewels Star 2018
Jewels Star 2018
Jewels Star 2018
Jewels Star 2018
Jewels Star 2018


Jewels Star 2018 Luxury is a classic matching game for fans of the genre. It's another alternative if you're looking for a relaxing and entertaining game for all ages. This version features Classic and Arcade game modes, so you can choose your favorite and level-up by achieving the highest possible scores.

A relaxing game you can play for free. Great fun for you, your family, your friends, and everyone.

How does it work? Surely, you already know the deal. Swap jewels in order to match three or more of the same color and try to create bigger matches so as to obtain power-ups (for example, bombs and lightning jewels) that can later help you when you most need them. For those who don't mind replaying the same level over and over again until you succeed, Classic is the perfect mode for them. Otherwise, try Arcade and keep getting better and better.

It's a traditional matching game that is fun enough so you can play it for several minutes every day. It can be quite addictive and it's never easy, as it keeps growing in difficulty with every new level.

Connect colorful lines of jewels to solve compelling levels in this puzzle adventure! Make the jewel splash and you will enjoy the journey of jewels star 2018.

Connect 3 or more jewels together to make them disappear. Match lightning, blast, and jewels for bigger bonuses and combos. With easy to use controls, fun and friendly graphics, and many levels to play, this game is fun for the whole family! If you like any other match 3 style game, you will love Jewels Star 2018 Luxury.

★ Swap and match jewels in group of three.
★ Less moves you pass a level, higher score you'll get. Try to score high and earn 3 stars on every level.
★ Beat tough levels with the help of boosters.
★ Fun and easy game to learn, but a rewarding challenge to master.
★ Match 3 or more identical jewels.
★ Match the jewel star until the board transparency, the jewel star will appear.
★ Make the jewel star down to the last line to pass the next level.
★ Tips: Complete the game as soon as possible to get max bonus score.

★ Two game modes: Arcade and Classic.
★ Many exciting levels.
★ Beautiful graphics for 2018
★ Every match from 3 jewels you will accumulate energy for mighty bomb, that helps to destroy obstacles for you.
★ Match 4 jewels can take the bomb.
★ Match 5 jewels can win color-changing jewels and 2 lighting.
★ The jewel bomb can eliminate the all jewels around with multi-colors for more fun.
★ The color-changing jewel can eliminate to any other colored jewels.
★ The timing jewel can extend the playing time.
★ The lightning jewel can eliminate all jewels in one row or column.
★ Outstanding graphics and music, easy to play, hard to stop playing.

Jewels Star 2018 Luxury is free, so don’t worry about anything, just play and play for fun. Let’s download and share Jewels Star 2018 Luxury for fun now.

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