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Jungle Sniper Hunter 3D
Jungle Sniper Hunter 3D
Jungle Sniper Hunter 3D
Jungle Sniper Hunter 3D
Jungle Sniper Hunter 3D
Jungle Sniper Hunter 3D
Jungle Sniper Hunter 3D
Jungle Sniper Hunter 3D
Jungle Sniper Hunter 3D
Jungle Sniper Hunter 3D


Get ready for the Jungle sniper Hunter 3d, the most addictive action pack game. Deadly wild animals are waiting for you. Hunt in realistic hillside jungle environment with trees, grass, mountains etc. Take out your sniper autoloader gun to kill wild animals, as they are no more in dungeon, but hungry for bods. Show your hunting skills & providence in this courageous hunter 3d game with professional sniper shooting gun in this adventures safari hunting journey with an ultimate adventure.

Be a best huntsman of the Jurassic world! Wild animals are roaming around in the jungle and you have to finish off the hunter challenge alone without any squad, you’re your shooting skills & don’t let the wild animals escape. Hunt most ferocious animals like wild Bears, Wolf, Dino (dinosaur), Rhino & Deer. Listen the roar of lion and target the king of jungle. Killing most wanted trex (king of dinosaurs) is the dangerous & thrilling part in this hunting safari. Sniper killer huntsman face advance hunting challenges and risky missions. Shoot and dead down predator animals, until they reach to their final destination or perish forever and become their meal.

Chase the killer and gladiator animal. Take aim and shoot the most vicious carnivorous quest. Don’t miss the gunshot. You have fully functional loaded shooting gun. Test and practice your precise hunting and shooting skills in this adventurous Jungle sniper hunter 3d game

The huntsmen decided to go on a safari near hillside between high mountains and forest shores for hunting deadly monster creature and to enjoy stressful life with hunting passion. This is the wild chase and you have your sniper smart shooter autoloader gun for animal quest. Encounter wild beasts, take a headshot of your target. Enjoy the brave life in a virtual wilderness jungle.

You are a hunt lover! Trap carnivore and predator animals in shore or walled area. Strive hard for your survival and aim for accurate headshots and gunshots to attack cruel animals. Be careful from predator vision. Enjoy wilderness jungle environment. Hunt the lion and be a dungeon hunter. Zoom in your sniper for shooting accuracy. Defend yourself by making maximum shoots in jungle safari with sniper shooter 3d gun. Experience the ultimate adventure on your hunting assault mission. Best hunt will always glorify and enchant the hunter. Make maximum shoots to kill wildest dino & other killer animals to be a brave monster fly hunter. Defend yourself by defeating hazardous predators.

The most thrilling and exciting fun free Jungle Sniper Hunter 3d game with adventure challenge of hunting-sniper shooting in hunting era among all smartgames you ever wished to play.

Features of Jungle Sniper Hunter 3D app
• Epic Jurassic Story
• Best First Person Shooting Game
• Outstanding and Challenging Jungle Hunter Safari App
• Realistic Wilderness Jungle Environment
• 3D t-rex (dinosaur), Deer, wolves, Rhino & Bear
• Trap Animals
• Amazing hunting and Shooting Experience
• Hunting Different Animals in Each Level
• Clear 3d Vision
• Excellent Sound Effects
• Unique HD Graphics
• User-Friendly Interface

How to play Jungle Sniper Hunter 3d
• Select your target
• Zoom in for precision targeting
• Aiming for deadly carnivore beast
• Use your clear vision sniper shooting 3d gun
• Swipe your figure to move left, right
• Use shooting button to shoot
• Defeat the monster jungle creature and survive till end

You experienced many hunts in many hunting games as you are an animal hunter but this is the best jungle safari hunting free hunting game. Hunt or be hunted! Hunt cruel animals and complete this journey with various challenges with your best destructive weapon sniper shooting gun better than 3d pistol & assault rifles Feel dynamic shadow, target & kill with gunshot and create an example of hunting. Show your courage & don’t let them to cave escape.

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Jungle Sniper Hunter 3D

Jungle Sniper Hunter 3D

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