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K-TV Channel
K-TV Channel


K-LINK International is a leading direct selling company which provides a wide range of effective, innovative and quality products. With a well-structured bonus plan and a series of organized training, K-LINK offers decent earning opportunity to our distributors. Established and headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, K-LINK regards the ASEAN Market as the launching pad from which to make forays into and conquer the Asia Pacific and world markets including not only Singapore, Brunei, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, India, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia but many others too.

K-LINK continuously strives to conquer the global market and our motto “Your Global Link” leads everyone at K-LINK to be farsighted holding the vision to develop and grow the market globally.

K-LINK continuously provides everyone the platform and opportunity for development and upgrading in all aspects which include health, financial, self-empowerment for better life and living.

Products & Total Health Concept
There are 10 categories: Health Food, Health Drink, K-Ayurveda Series, Health Care, Beauty Care, K-Parfum Series, UIE Series, Car Care, Personal Care and Household. The top selling products include K-Liquid Chlorophyll, Kinotakara, K-BioGreen, K-Liquid Organic Spirulina, K- OmegaSqua, Propolis Platinum, Riddance, SOD Rooibos Tea, Gamat series and K-Ayurveda series.

Besides, our unique Total Health “A-B-C-D” Concept are:
C for Cleansing – Removes harmful toxins so that body stays clean and healthy
B for Balancing – A cleansed body needs appropriate balancing of nutrients
A for Activating - Provides balanced and sufficient nutrients to enable the body cells and organs to function normally
D for Defending - Cleansing, balancing and activating processes are repeated for 6 months to enable our body to become healthy and strong

Global market
To date, K-LINK has successfully penetrated the markets of more than 40 countries worldwide through the setting up of overseas branches, mobile stockists, stockists and master stockists, giving our distributors a solid platform to access and develop their market globally.

The support to distributors
K-LINK assists every distributor to be well prepared in this direct selling business with the right tools and materials. The success stories of the leaders, training syllabus and product knowledge can be found in the form of videotapes, motivational books, product guidebooks, leaflets, magazines, testimonials and many others.
K-LINK has a well-structured professional training system called K-System which offers our distributors a simple, easy to comprehend, easy to execute step-by-step, rank-by-rank coaching so as to realize the power of duplication in the nature of multi-level marketing, in addition to self- empowerment and development of the distributors.

Lately, K-LINK has also been exploring more possibilities in information technology usage, thus actively developing its own Mobile Apps (K-Apps and K-TV Channel), Digital Advertising (LED billboard) and e-Commerce (online registration and online ordering), as part of the initiatives to keep up with the technological innovation, also to further improve customer experience.

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K-TV Channel

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