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Kick My Boss Fly
Kick My Boss Fly
Kick My Boss Fly
Kick My Boss Fly
Kick My Boss Fly
Kick My Boss Fly
Kick My Boss Fly
Kick My Boss Fly
Kick My Boss Fly
Kick My Boss Fly


Each company has a nasty boss,each employee hit boss because they chatter.
But how can we do ah.Boss distributed to staff salaries, staff can not beat boss in real life.
Now, in google play.The real opportunity is coming!
Just Boxing Nasty boss with fist to die in you phone!Earn money to update your staff with Strength, Speed,Kick POWER,Super Snack,Milk,Baby Oil,Bonus Cash,Bonus kick,Laxative,Evolution,Cash,Protestros,Crazy Ex-Employees and so on total 18 Skill!
Just send the "dear boss" to the home,to the hospital,to the tomb or direct to die!
This game can give you the courage to kick the boss.Slap away with this fun and amusing arcade game!
You feel stress from work? No, you do a great job, you like it, but your boss ... You arrange him, he swears at you for every little thing and do not allow to live. And have you to put up with it? Drain the steam, relax, download a game Kick the boss and come off in full.
With a cast of funky, recognizable and humorously designed characters to go nuts with, this is the perfect stress relieving game.
Your dream has come true. All your life you have wanted to beat your boss,kick his ass and now you finally can. With 50 million downloads to date, it is no secret that this is everybody’s favorite stress relief game. Your boss knows that you are playing this game, and there is nothing he can do about it.Just beat him to fly as far as you can!Fly directly home, flew to the hospital or fly directly grave!There will be a lot of help on the way flying props: fire hydrants, cars, helicopters, trash, angry protesters, fired employees, stool, vicious dog, sewer workers, as long as you can think of, everything.
Earn coins to upgrade power with a small staff, buying props. Dear boss fight once put to the grave. Come on!

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Kick My Boss Fly

Kick My Boss Fly



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