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Knee Doctor Surgery
Knee Doctor Surgery
Knee Doctor Surgery
Knee Doctor Surgery
Knee Doctor Surgery
Knee Doctor Surgery
Knee Doctor Surgery
Knee Doctor Surgery
Knee Doctor Surgery
Knee Doctor Surgery


Welcome to the Little knee surgery hospital! Do as the grownups do and start helping children get better again by giving their legs & arms a proper Doctor treatment! Fear not as you will be helped by a brave nurse who will be helping you in your clinic. So try not to be clumsy and make sure your surgery is done with extreme care; just like a beauty makeover. So be timber & start playing!

Interestingly enough our knee doctor story has a lot to tell; it all started off with a clumsy princess who was riding her horse in the woods. Without a care in the world the princess & her trusty stead rode
among foliage & across streams. Suddenly, she heard a deep grumbling sound and as she looked up she heard a loud voice saying; ""Timber!"" and with that a she saw a huge tree falling right where she was! The princess was shocked and could do nothing but stare, but what she did not know; was that the voice that yelled timber was actually a handsome young timber man! In came running the stunningly-brave-hunk of a man, and swept the princess off her feet and away from impending doom! It was love at first sight, however, let's not forget that this story is just starting, and while the timber man was saving the beauty of a princess she injured her arms & legs!

So this is where you step into the hospital as a grown up Doctor & help the clumsy Princess get back on her feet! She needs a beauty makeover along with healing her injured leg and fixing up the scratches on her arm! Since your little clinic is all equipped to handle such issues you and your nurse will have no problem fixing her & all the other patients!

-----Game Play-----

- Little Clumsy Characters to Choose from!
- Amazing Hospital environment
- Your very own clinic with futuristic tools
- A nurse will guide you along the way
- Use sprays at your clinic!
- Use creams and heal brave children!
- Nurse gives beauty makeovers & makes every one look awesome again!
- Add vibrant Bandages & Plasters to arms & legs for a better look

Be sure to keep playing daily to unlock BONUS items! So start enjoying your very own little hospital & be a Master Knee Surgeon!


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Knee Doctor Surgery

Knee Doctor Surgery

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